What services are included in the decoration of a booth?

When you hire the decoration for the Stand, in general, the service includes:

  • Environment design, made by an interior designer
  • Rental of furniture Used

It may not include the design and printing of the graphic material/impressions textile. These services depend on whether the decorating company offers them or has agreements with a graphic.

When should I hire a booth decorating service?

In general, the companies that build a stand also offer the decoration service, which is included in the design of the stand. When the fair has all the standardized stands, you must Use the decoration to Highlight your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. It is also highly recommended to hire this service when you already have a stand (modular or not), to Renew the image of the stand and reposition the brand objectives. A change of colors, furniture and impressions and good lighting can leave your stand as new, for an affordable price.

Why rent a booth?

The booth rental is a good emergency solution, as the structure would only need assembly and new graphics and can serve to meet fairly simple marketing goals, such as Mark presence at the fair, and open new markets.

Tricks in case you rent a booth

By signing the contract, you confirm the conditions of the rented booth with someone from the company. Check also if the rental price includes the service of Transport and Assembly of the stand.

Always ask if the company offers decoration services for the stand. It is quite advisable to invest in a good design and printing, to compensate the standardised view of the stand and differentiate itself from the competition.

What is a modular stand?

The modular stands are made from a structural system, easy to assemble and dismantle. The use of this type of stands favors the reutilization of material and you can order the modules according to your needs. Modular stands: an economic and sustainable way to participate in fairs

Advantages of using a modular stand:

The ease of assembly, dismantling and transport lowers the costs of its use. They are resilient and reusable, and you can personalize them with large format graphic prints, furniture and decor.

Trick in case you use a modular stand:

A modular stand in case it is not different from the other stands of a fair. If you use one, it is highly advisable to invest in the Rental of furniture and print graphics, to differentiate yourself from the competition and reinforce the image of your brand. Thus, your company can save costs in the construction and transportation of the stand without giving up creativity and its branding objectives.