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We work with 471 stands design companies in Bologna, companies with workshop in the city or close 471


oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Bologna, Italy


Building Temporary Architecture worldwide for trade fairs, exhibitions, events and retail.Xilos Temporary Architecture is the leading...

Bologna, Italy

Allestimenti Bologna Srl

Exhibitions Bologna is a young company with over 40 years of experience in the construction of temporary architecture and fittings...

Bologna, Italy

A&G Stands

A&G Stands has a large experience in booths design and mounting, assitsing its customers in many international tradeshows and events....

Bologna, Italy


Be it in Chicago, Singapore, Duesseldorf, Paris or Milan, Act Events offers exclusive and personalized architectural solutions, designing...

Bologna, Italy


STANDS And Set Design: Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly, Europe, USA, MEXICO, Middle East

Villanova di Castenaso, Italy

Expo International

We have been designing, renting and selling exhibition stands for over 30 years, both in Italy and abroad.The vast experience and the...

Bologna, Italy

Expo Allestimenti

Expo Allestimenti was founded in the sixties, when the first fairgrounds in Bologna were established . Since then, the company is amongst...

San Lazzaro di Savena, Italy

Cerioni Allestimenti

Cerini Allestimenti, established in 1992, has kept a constant growing that is nowadays in its workshops of 6000 sqm, with 500 sqm of...

Zola Pedrosa, Italy

Esa Project srl

Esa Project srl arises from the need to complete the established creative abilities with an organizational structure and business can...

Bologna, Italy

Staff Srl

From more than 15 years, Staff Srl is a complete organization able to design, build and efficiently manage all construction...

Zola Pedrosa, Italy

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Upcoming trade shows in Bologna

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Bologna where you may need a stand:

Big Buyer

Big Buyer

  • Del al
  • Bologna Fiere
  • 3 weeks from now
Eudi Show

Eudi Show

  • Del al
  • Bologna Fiere
  • 4 months from now


  • Del al
  • Bologna Fiere
  • 5 months from now


  • Del al
  • Bologna Fiere
  • 5 months from now

Pharmaintech is a unique showcase for the pharmaceuticals production chain

Pharmaintech is an international rendezvous dedicated to the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. It is the most highly qualified European showcase, a veritable benchmark for those who want to grow and take advantage of new opportunities at international level.

Pharmaintech Stands 1

Exhibitions Areas

Pharmaintech covers the following categories:

  • Processing and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Materials, packaging materials and containers
  • Ancillary equipment, accessories and components
  • Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Infrastructures, systems and logistics
  • Security: data, document and information protection systems
  • Services

If you're part of any of the mentioned sectors, Pharmaintech is your next destination! If you need a stand, contact us. Our team of experts in trade shows will be delighted to introduce you to the best Stand Contractors in Bologna!

Pharmaintech Stands Bologne

Pharmaintech enables you to:

  • Establish profitable partnerships;
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest innovations;
  • Showcase and present your products and services;
  • Find new clients and generate sales leads;
  • Participate in many seminars and demonstrations;
  • Raise your company's profile;
  • and so much more...!

Pharmacintech Europe Expo

Who will you meet?

Amixon, Assing, Azo Liquids, Powtec, Elis Italia, Euroflux, Packlab, Parteco, Rea Elektronik, Rivoira, Rubitec, Vileda, VIS Viva, Manes Macchine, Mar Cor, Purification, Mathis, Motus Engineering, MPA, Prisma Industriale, Elaflex, PIAB Italy, Promofluids, Jung Gummitechnik, Encoding, Cal Power, Cellon, ICOS Pharma and OMRON are some of the companies that you'll meet in these halls. Join them and forge new alliances!

Bologna Children´s Book Fair: the right place for children's content

Since 1963, the Bologna Children's Book Fair has been a leading international event for publishers. Every edition, authors, illustrators, literary agents, licensors and licensees, packagers, distributors, printers, booksellers, and librarians meet in these halls to sell and buy copyright, find the best of children’s publishing and multimedia production, and to make new contacts.

Bologna Children Book Fair


Planning on exhibiting? If you a need a Stand in Italy, contact our team of experts in trade fair. They'll introduce you to an exclusive selection of Stand Contractors in Bologna!


Bologna Children's Book Fair covers the following categories:

  • Activity Books
  • Art & Colouring Books
  • Audio Books
  • Comics
  • Dictionaries
  • Educational Software
  • Encyclopedias
  • Fairy Tales
  • How-to Books
  • Illustrated Books
  • Didactic Games
  • Novels
  • Poetry
  • Sports & Hobbies
  • Teaching
  • And many others...

Bologna Book Fair Children


Larousse, AGO média, L'Agrume, Abimo Publishers, Ivy press, Iyagikot Publishing, Jumping Books, Junior Gimm Young Publishers, Koo-Koo Books, LadyBird Great Britain, Lupita Books, Semafora, Scholastic New Zealand, Grupo SM España, Editions Soleil, TigerBooks Media, Tinybop, Editora Vale de Letras Brazil, Whitewing Korea, Fleurus Editions and Jusu Flintas are some of the exhibitors you'll meet in this fair.

Bologna Children Books Fair Stands

A rich programme of events

A full programme of events is in store for attendees: meetings, debates and lectures, an awards ceremony, the inauguration of the illustrators’ exhibit, as well as interesting engagements in the Fair district and downtown are all on the agenda. These events will enliven the period of the convention with the rare opportunity to deepen your knowledge of all things related to children’s copyright content and enrich your personal and professional relationships. Absolutely unmissable!

Cosmopack: the biggest international event dedicated to all the various components of the cosmetics production chain!

Cosmopack is Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna’s “show within the show” and benefits hugely from its partnership with the most influential beauty trade fair, where all the sectors of the industry are brought together under one roof.

Cosmopack is the biggest international trade fair dedicated to all the various components of the cosmetics production chain: raw materials, machinery and automated systems, packaging and full service solutions. The creative content, the products exhibited and the innovative formulas make this fair a unique event.

Cosmopack Bolonia Tradefair Entrance

Become an exhibitor

Cosmopack is a leading event attended by suppliers, producers and distributors from many industries. If you want to expand your brand and meet new buyers, apply for an exhibition space! And, if you want to meet reliable stand contractors, just take a look at our Stand Booth Contractors in Bologna. Remember: an attractive stand will put you right on the spotlight!

Cosmopack Bolonia2


Here you'll meet companies from Italy, Germany, France, USA, South Korea, Poland, China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, India, Costa Rica, Belgium, Bulgaria, Oman, Ukraine and Taiwan, such as:

ICC, Huwell Chemicals, Inca Spa, Induplast, IPack, Mega Airless, Massimo Guarducci, Passage Cosmetics Laboratory, Orograf, Pibiplast, Olive Packaging, Weckerle, SLG, Sai Devi, Rusi Cosmetics, Valery Glass, TrendColor, Verve Spa, Yonwoo Europe, Zigler Polska and MYC Packaging Innovation.

Cosmopack Italy3

Reasons to exhibit

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade fair has thousands of benefits for your business! Besides, participating in a recognized event like Cosmopack enables you to:

  • Interact with thousands of key buyers and decision makers;
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Introduce new products and creative solutions to an expert audience;
  • Gain greater visibility for your company and its products;
  • Benefit from an intense media coverage;
  • Discover the latest trends and influential companies;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness;
  • and more!

All about pets and for pets: Zoommark International

Welcome to one of the most exciting events for pet-lovers and the whole industry itself, Zoommark International, The International Exhibition of Products and Accessories for Pets. Held every two years in Bologna, you will be able to enjoy 600 companies whose products are fully ranged from food to entertainment, from health to transportation and everything else in between.

Zoomark Bologna Fiere

Stands are awe-inspiring since they welcome pets and every supply they need. You will be able to see a detailed version of everything you need. Making this event a hit with 23,000 trade professionals, it offers special areas such as V.I.P Lounge, New Products Showcase and constant network gatherings to boost and promote your winning products. Mix in with the rest of them and be under the spotlight.

Bologna Children´s Book Fair showcases the most influential writers from around the world

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is mainly one of the most important international events that is dedicated to the children’s publishing and multimedia industry. In this ever-growing sector, it is key to be up-to-date with all the publishing rights that are allowed in each country. Not only that, it is also wise to have and continue having direct contact between writers and providers, distributors and booksellers, printers and packagers and of course licensees and licensors. All these relationships are seen here to discuss book topics and discover new talent.

Bologna Book Fair

Every year this trade show selects the most influential journalists, writers and publishers worldwide. For about 1,200 exhibitors come from 75 countries and cater to the 25,000 international professionals every need. Its easy-to-understand layout brings only the best results to everyone involved. And keep in mind, all that you see is carefully selected.

Be part of that and send your first-class books here. And as you that, we will take care of you by presenting to the finest stand designers and builders in Bologna. With this fair and us, you will be a hit for sure.

Stand designs in Autopromotec Bolonia

St. Gobain Abrasivi is one of the most distinguished brands of its field and due to its stand design which is clean and crystal-clear, it was a given invitacion to come in.

Alestimento Stand Norton Sg Autopromotec 2013

Bronchi is the exclusive representative in Italia for international lubricant brand Mobil.

Stand Design Bologna Autopromotec

Rhiag´s stand in Autopromptec potrays strength coming from a brand that has been leader in its field over the past 50 years.

Rhiag Exhibition Design Bologna Show

AMIKA NY: Exhibition Booth at Bologne Cosmoprof

Dresserlab has built for AMIK NY: their new stand for Cosmoprof Bologne, probably the biggest beauty show in Europe.

From the design to the construction of the stand Dreserlab had been in charge of all the production process.

Exhibition Stand Cosmoprof

Cosmoprof Bologna Exhibition Booth

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, book your stand for a new world of beauty

Cosmoprof Bolonia is the leading worldwide event of the beauty industry like Perfumery and Cosmetics, Beauty Salon and Spa, Natural Health or Hair among other sectors.

In fact, a vast number of visitors – more than 200,000 -, exhibitors and buyers traveling overseas to attend the event held for more than 45 years in Bologna. It is a meeting point where professionals and decision makers develop their business.

Cosmoproof Bolonia Spanish Pavillion

Is not just the exhibition but workshops, conferences, events and seminars for discussing important topics relating to the beauty business and the growth of opportunities.

Don't miss this opportunity and book a place for your stand.

Bologna Exhibition Stand Designers and Builders

You may have a bit of trouble trying to find an exhibition stand for your needs if you did not call ahead months in advance. The companies that are there are always backed up with work from previous clients and other trade shows. You will need some help, and this is exactly where we come in.

Bologna Exhibition Stand

Bologna for Business?

Among leaders in business, Bologna is well known as one of do-not-miss stops of the trade show season. There are many conventions that take place in the shadows of places such as Rome; however, these trade shows are no less important to the industries that they service. If your company is looking to launch a product in a big way, then you must come to Bolonia. On top of that, you have to impress people there, which is not an easy task.

The first thing that you will need in order to make a great impression is the right exhibition stand in Bolonia. It is very difficult to make it through customs with a mobile booth stand that will be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic that usually accompanies the trade shows there. This is why the thousands of exhibition booth companies in Bolonia come alive during festival season to provide the best service for all of the companies that are doing business in the area.

We can get you the booth stand in Bologna that you need in a short amount of time. The relationships that we have built over many seasons of business can go to work for you if you let them. We will make sure that you have the top five designs in your email within days or hours of your touchdown in Bolonia. Do not give yourself a heart attack trying to keep up with the flow of the city - focus on your customers and let us take care of the technicalities.

Exhibiting in Bologna

There are plenty of conventions that are coming up in Bologna Venue in the near future. Below is a list of some of the best trade shows that you should not miss.


With more than 1000 exhibitors from almost 140 countries, Cersaie in Bologne belongs to the most important trade fairs of the world.

Cersaie Exhibition Booth


Cosmoprof Worldwide in Bologna is a trade fair for the beauty industry. It is intended for beauticians, hairdressers, owners of Nail Salons, beauty salons, shops for natural products and perfume.