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oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

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Expo ONE China Limited

Expo ONE China Limited

Expo-1 | PR and Exhibition Solutions Worldwide. Ecology, Economy, Efficiency. Our main activities are construction and design of exhibition...

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Showbench International

Showbench International

Showbench is a global leader in face-to-face marketing, yet our goal remains the same — to bring people together, face—to—face,...

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U&U was set up in Guangzhou, and now is headquartered in Beijing. Meanwhile, U&U has office and warehouse in Dusseldorf in...

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Roomen Exhibits

Roomen Exhibits

As an experienced exhibition service provider, we, Roomen Exhibits, provide one-station service, including exhibition booth design...

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Imagine Displays Inc

Imagine Displays Inc

Imagine Displays, Inc. specializes in all aspects of marketing communications, providing their clients with award-winning design and...

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Everest Exhibition Co., Ltd

Everest Exhibition Co., Ltd

Everest Exhibition works closely with its sister company Beijing YATU Exhibition to bring you a rewarding, satisfying and relaxed trade...

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Upcoming trade shows in Beijing

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Beijing where you may need a stand:


  • Del al
  • Beijing, China

Vape Expo Beijing

  • Del al
  • Beijing, China

LPS - Luxury Poperty Showcase Beijing

  • Del al
  • Beijing, China

VIV China

  • Del al
  • Qingdao, China

World of Food Beijing

  • Del al
  • Shenzhen, China

ACHEMA China: an international exhibition and conference on chemical engineering

Held in Beijing, ACHEMA is Asia's forum for the chemical process industries. It focuses on the following topics:

  • Biobased World
  • Industrial Water Management
  • Innovative Process Analytical Technology

If you're part of this industry, ACHEMA will enable you to build your brand as a cutting-edge company! If your exhibition space has already been confirmed, contact us! We'll introduce you to a hand-picked selection of Stand Designers in Beijing!

Achema Stands Networking4

Reasons to sign up for ACHEMA

ACHEMA Beijing is the perfect place for you to:

  • reach many highly-qualified customers from Asia and beyond;
  • generate leads that can drive product sales year-round;
  • establish new business ties;
  • position your company among the foremost organizations in the world;
  • and plenty more...!

Achema Halls Exhibition1


Here you'll be able to find/showcase a wide range of products, including: abrasives, additives, absorbent, aeration systems, bacteriological equipment, battery compounds, biochemical apparatus, building materials & equipment, cell rupture machines, ceramics, chemicals, cleaning agents, decomposing devices, measuring amplifiers, magnets, radiation measuring and determining equipment, seawater desalination, sound & noise control, sterilization equipment, valves and much more...!

Achema Products Standa1

Exhibiting Companies

Join ACHEMA and meet many influential companies from all around the globe, including: 3V Tech, Graphite India, Buss ChemTech, Danfoss, K-UTEC, Kaiser Optical Systems, Ocean Optics, Octapharma, Vahterus, Kahovalve Taipei, Dalian Sifang Motor-Pump, M&C TechGroup, SABIC Riyad, SEIM Cusago, Nano Mag Technologies, H+E Stuttgart, Habonim, Fachwelt Verlag, Fabtech Technologies and R+E Automationstechnik.

ILope is Beijing's Optoelectronics Industry Exhibition

Ilope is Beijing's optoelectronics industry exposition. Organized by COEMA and CIEC, this event was launched in 1992 with the mission of serving as bridge between local and international companies dedicated to the optoelectronics industries.

Ilope Beijing1

Exhibit at Ilope!

If your company belongs to the following sectors, then you must come to Ilope:

  • Laser material, devices and applications
  • Infrared material, technology and applications
  • Electro-optic display and illumination
  • Optical elements, devices and materials
  • More...

Need a stand for this event? Contact our team of experts in trade shows. They'll introduce you to the best Stand Contractors in Beijing!

Ilope China1

Why exhibit?

Join this year's Ilope and:

  • Reach thousands of highly-qualified buyers from Asia;
  • Generate leads that can drive product sales year-round;
  • Launch new products and survey attendees about new product ideas;
  • Compare products and get inspired by the latest developments;
  • Meet potential business partners;
  • Raise your profile and build brand recognition;
  • ...

Ilopr Stands Modular 1


Estrong Image Tech, Yiokio Technology, Robot Technique and Applications, Holdvision, Dongguan Technologies, Joview Beijing,, CAISG, Microvision Digital Image, Machine Vision Union, Vecow, GT Optics, BWT Beijing, Luster Lightech, Pulse Power Technology, A&P Instruments, ZOLIX and Light-Catcher Shanghai are some of the exhibiting companies you'll find at ILope!

Beijing International Property & Investment Expo: enter the wealthy Chinese market!

Beijing International Property & Investment Expo is a mandatory event for every company in the Property industry. In fact, it is an unmissable platform for national & overseas companies that offer real estate, land and immigration investing projects to the wealthy Chinese market.

Beijing Beijing International Property Investment Expo


Participate in this exhibition! It is a great opportunity for you to generate sales leads and meet new partners! If you want to catch everyone's attention, it is always a good idea to invest in an attractive exhibition stand. Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll find you the best Stand Design Companies in Beijing!

Proprety Expo Investment


Join this year's International Property & Investment Expo and...

  • Identify trends and get inspiration for your product innovations
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Interact face to face with skilled professionals and decision makers from all around the world
  • Explore business opportunities and meet new potential partners
  • Gain insights into the latest technologies and applications
  • Boost your company's visibility on a global scale
  • Take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities

China Property Expo Stands

Exhibitor Profile

This event attracts:

  • International Real Estate Developers & Agents
  • International Immigration (agents and law firms)
  • International Investment Consulting Firms
  • America EB5 Projects and Regional Center
  • Personal Financial Planning Consultants
  • State & Local Government / Associations / Chambers

Join CIBDE (China International Diet and Beauty Exhibition) and expand your business locally and internationally

CIBDE is China's International Diet & Beauty exhibition. With more than 250 000 visitors coming from 80 countries and regions, among which the pourcentage of international and Asian delegates has incredibly increased in the last few years. Join CIBDE and expand your business locally and internationally! 

If you're part of these industries, don't let CIBDE pass you by. It can definitely be a great opportunity for you and your company! In order to stand out, contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with many Stand Booth Contractors in Beijing and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs!

China Beauty Expo Stands2


  • Health Wellness area:TCM products, health project franchise, acupuncture and massage, special treatment, TCM bath, TCM acupuncture, flavors and fragrances, health therapy, acupuncture meridians, TCM detoxification, dietary health products, psychological therapy, music therapy, psychotherapy, health chain stores, etc.
  • General beauty zone: cosmetics, TCM and biological beauty, fragrances, cosmetic tattoos, research organizations, beauty chain stores, hair growth products, essential oils, foot bath, drug bath foot therapy products; beauty and haircare training schools; SPA beauty business, care products, bath salts, mineral mud, seaweed, sea algae, sea salt, etc.
  • Instrument area: slimness beauty instrument, equipment and related support materials; daily chemical washing equipment, packaging equipment and materials suppliers, TCM care equipment, sport and fitness equipment, massage equipment, SPA equipment, body measurement and testing equipment, SPA design and consultation, physical therapy apparatus, etc.
  • Daily chemicals and brand area: international and domestic well-known slimness and beauty brands, super slimming pharmaceuticals of domestic daily chemicals manufacturers, dieting food, slimness equipment, weight control management center, slimness auxiliary products, etc.

Cibde China Beijing


A-One Corporation, Icharming, Haru, Kirin Cosmetics, Lessonia, LV Cosmetics, Abo Cosmetics, Naturie Korea Laboratory & Research, Nowcos, Yes For Lov, Mesosystem, Sentronix, Pure Australia, Neo Cosmetics, Baxter Laboratories, Sentronix, Rose, PI COsmetics, Beauty Absolute, Anime Cosmetic Research, Aromatic Enterprises, Eyelashboss Cosmetic Company, Ezel Cosmetics, Yu Ga Plastic, Natura House and Chiara Ambra are some of the companies you'll meet in this fair.

Cibde China Diet And Beauty Exhibition3

Visitor Profile

  • Fitness & Wellness products distributors, agents, resellers, suppliers, trading companies, huge supermarkets, general merchandise markets, pharmaceutical business groups, green and healthcare food chains and shops, care centres, etc.
  • Beauty salons, SPAs, resorts, researchers, hair dressers, plastic surgeons, cosmetics manufacturers, etc.
  • All kinds of entertainment clubs: tourism resorts, entertainment buyers, etc.
  • Beauty cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, agents, institutions, etc.
  • And many others!

    According to the on-site survey of buyers, 60% of them are buyers of beauty parlors, health clubs, breast enhancement & SPA establishments and slimness centres. 70% of the participant buyers have decision-making power in procurement or new product development and 30% have significant influence on procurement.

ModernAgri: International Modern Agricultural Expo

International Modern Agricultural Expo is a global event that will be held at Shanghai's new international expo center. This three day event will bring together professionals and experts related with the agricultural sector from all around the world and offer them a perfect platform to network with each other.

Join ModernAgri!

If you're part of this industry, don't let this event pass you by! In order to participate, you just need to book a stand and start preparing your exhibition! If you want to catch everyone's attention, it is always a good idea to invest in an attractive exhibition stand. Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll find you the best Stand Design Companies in Beijing!

International Modern Agricultural

Reasons to exhibit

As an international leading event, ModernAgri Expo is recognized as an essential trade platform for technology cooperation and business & information communication. If you decide to exhibit at ModernAgri, you'll have an incredible opportunity to:

  • Explore business opportunities and meet new partners in dynamic surroundings
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Boost your company's visibility throughout Asia
  • Strengthen bonds with current customers
  • Take part in many parallel events (such as workshops, seminars...)
  • And plenty more...!

Greenhouse 1

Exhibitor Profile

ModernAgri gathers exhibitors specialized in:

  • Greenhouse engineering, complete greenhouse packages, greenhouse covering materials, greenhouse kits, automatic control systems, etc.
  • Greenhouse materials, circlip, fill light systems, insect nest, seedling bags, pest & disease control equipment, etc.
  • Greenhouse equipment, cooler/heather ventilation, temperature control systems, monitoring systems, thermostats, etc.
  • Home garden equipment, garden machinery, tools, city agriculture, etc.
  • Technical equipments, financial services, information management, soiless cultivation techniques, etc.

Exposing at COTTM will allow you to have many benefits!

Come by to COTTM in China. This expo serves to be one of the most important platforms for the travel and tourism market, where you can see more than 400 exhibitors from 65 countries. It fully represents 100% business strategy, no matter where you look. As it has high-level seminars, conferences for travellers preferences and requirement and thousands of product launches.

Cottm Stand

As you enjoy this trade show, be sure to put your own products on the line. Contact us to know the best stand designer and builder in the area. Take advantage of this show because it is organized solely on the visitors benefit. From being able to do business with more than 4,000 employees to talk to the more than 3,000 Chinese trade buyers. Be part of this!

Exhibit with the best booth design at ISPO Beijing

Over 30,000 professional visitors and more than 635 brands exhibiting on 40,000 m2 area. This is the result of nearly 10 years building a reputation as the leading sports business platform in the Asia-Pacific region.

ISPO Beijing plays a key role in bringing international brands into the spotlight, while promoting domestic products. So if whether you are a retailer, a brand manager or a distributor, this is a show that you don’t want to miss.

Beijing Ispo Exhibit

Exhibit with the best booth design and get ready improve your business. At Beijing you can find hundreds of stand builders ready to help you on wherever you need.

Leading Business in Beijing

Beijing is one of the most populated cities in China, and one of the best for doing business in. The tradeshow business is booming as companies are trying to put their name out there and get noticed in this whirlwind of a city. This means that if you don’t act quickly, you might be out of an exhibition booth or spending all of your time trying to set up an out of this world stand. This is where we come in.

Beijing Exhibition Stands

Get Ahead of the Game

With so much going on in Beijing, we want to give you the opportunity to surpass your competition by creating the most unique exhibition booth to fit your needs. In order to stand out, you must leave that lasting impression. We want to give you the bang for your buck by providing you with the best five proposals we can find to suit you for free of charge. Going even farther, we will use or experience and knowledge to pick the design that will make your tradeshow the absolute best it can be, saving you the time of looking through every design. We not only have established relationships with many local contractors and exhibition stand companies, but we know what type of booth will stick in the minds of the desired buyers. Our goal is to help save you the time you would spend setting up your stand so you could stay focused on your company. We want to give you the advantage over your competition by giving you all the resources you need to have the most successful tradeshow stand. Give us the chance to create a unique and spectacular exhibition booth for you. Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Venues and Events in Beijing

Beijing China International Exhibition Center is an international venue that is perfect for hosting trade shows of all levels: regional, national, and international. It has a convenient location and a large area to host exhibition events.

China National Convention Center is a great conference and trade show venue that also hosted the fencing and shooting competitions for the 2009 Olympic Games. It is a large facility that provides many meeting rooms and has some of the most cutting-edge technology.


Enerchina is an event that will promote international energy saving and enviromental protection. This show will give the visitors information on ways to save energy, as well as water. The event is great place to meet with exhibitors and visitors, and to learn and share vital information.


Sino-Dental show is an ideal place for visitors to meet and interact with acclaimed dentists from all over the world. This event caters to physicians, doctors, medical students, and health professionals. It is an excellent opportunity for people to network within the industry.

China Beijing International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition

Is an event focusing on the development of power transmission and control technology. It is an international event and will be a great place for people to come together and expand their market base.

Asian Attractions Expo

Will be an event displaying a variety of products and equipment regarding rides and games. It will provide an educational session in which experts will hold informative and innovative seminars, as well as tour events giving networking opportunities.

China International Food

Will be an opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of food security and safety technology to share their knowledge and experience. It is a recommended event for industry leaders and researchers to share and learn the presented ideas, which can give rise to new ideas.