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We work with 138 stands design companies in Cologne, companies with workshop in the city or close 138


oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Cologne, Germany


You wish an optimal presentation at the next international trade fair? ebFerias offers you the best service for the successful attendance...

Cologne, Germany

DEEG Exhibition&More GmbH

We are there for you since 1946 . With three generation experience, we draw inspiration from our customers and always offer fresh ideas,...

Cologne, Germany

Medienhaus Dreisbach AG

Their compelling presentation should a high quality stand design be ensured by specifying Your customers will be impressed. We also...

Cologne, Germany

WUM Design GmbH & Co. KG

Booth Construction We offer a full service in exhibition construction: from planning, design, construction and dismantling through...

Cologne, Germany

Schenck & Ley

You want your business to one Represent fair? We, by Schenck and Ley, offer extensive experience and expertise in the field of exhibition...

Cologne, Germany

Inform Ausstellungsbau GmbH & Co.KG

Inform works in exhibition construction, retail and event management, Our full servive includes from design ie manufacture, transport,...

Leichlingen, Germany


We have strong philosophy guidelines that we respect in our day-to-day business activity 1.) Motivation and continuous improvement...

Cologne, Germany

Ivo Design Messebau

Ivo Design Messebau is located in Germany and manufactures high quality Exhibition Stands with Italian design standards. Our company...

Impekoven, Germany

Totems Communication & Architecture GmbH

Totems Communication and Architecture is a dutch-german design company and our main work is within the fields of (temporary) architecture,...

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Upcoming trade shows in Cologne

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Cologne where you may need a stand:

Imm Cologne

Imm Cologne

  • Del al
  • Koeln Messe
  • 2 months from now


  • Del al
  • Koeln Messe
  • 3 months from now


  • Del al
  • Koeln Messe
  • 5 months from now
Anuga Foodtec

Anuga Foodtec

  • Del al
  • Koeln Messe
  • 1 year from now

Your booth at INTERMOT Köln

Gathering around 1,000 manufacturers from around the world and over 200,000 trade visitors, motorcycle enthusiasts and media representatives from more than 100 countries, INTERMOT Köln is clearly the essential event for the entire motorcycle industry.


If you're part of this industry, don't let INTERMOT pass you by. It can definitely be a great opportunity for your company! In order to stand out, contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with many Stand Designers in Cologne and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs!

Intermot Stand

Exhibition Profile

INTERMOT covers the following categories:

  • Motorcycle: Motorised vehicles, trailers and sidecars, components and accessories for motorcycles, engines and components, electrical equipment, clothing, motorcyclists‘ gear, machines, tools, workshop and shop equipment, miscellaneous, raw materials, semi-finished products, packaging materials, lubricants, gear-box/transmission oil, care products, tourism, associate groups, etc.

  • Bicycle: Electric-powered bikes and components and systems for e-bikes, bicycles, parts and accessories for bicycles/electric-powered bikes of all kinds, machines, tools, workshop and shop equipment, clothing, driver’s equipment for cyclists, tourism, etc.

Koeln Messe Intermot5

Companies you'll meet

This is a great opportunity for you to network with renowned companies, including: Braktec SL, 4R Quattroerre Italia, 4 Traders, Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Co., DTD Motorradmaniacs, Dr.Pulley Scooter Tuning, Doupeux Gaubert, Gravel Travel Motorbike Adventures, Honda Deutschland, Hermann Hartje KG, Karl Kochmann, Kong Jing Trading, Krauser, Köster and Motorrad Faßbender.

Intermot Stands Expo


Join INTERMOT and you'll be able to:

  • Establish new business ties and generate new sales opportunities.
  • Have direct access to the right decision-makers and opinion leaders.
  • Position your company to address your exact target group.
  • Identify latest trends and developments in the industry.
  • Benefit from a mass exposure in a short space of time.
  • Forge important parternships with other brands.
  • And plenty more!

FILTECH Cologne is the most important filtration event world-wide

FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide. This exhibition is a must for all those concerned with designing, improving, purchasing, selling or researching filtration and separation equipment and services.

Need a stand?

If so, contact our team of experts in exhibitions - they'll introduce you to some of the best Stand Designers in Cologne! Take note, FILTECH is your opportunity to:

  • identify trends and get inspiration for your product innovations
  • reach your entire target group at a single location
  • generate leads that can drive product sales year-round
  • raise your profile and build brand recognition
  • and plenty more...!

Filtech Stands Hall


FILTECH features the latest innovations and up-to-date filtration and separation technology, particle measurement & analysis systems as well as the latest equipment of associated industries. Therefore, it is the best platform to source and display:

  • Absorption Filters;
  • Automatic Filters;
  • Air Filters;
  • Gas Adsorption;
  • Fuel Filters;
  • Carbon Filters;
  • Screening Machines;
  • Core Tubes;
  • Cutting Systems;
  • Dust Collectors & Generators;
  • Ozone Equipment;
  • Tube Filters;
  • Waste Water Filters;
  • Ultrasonic Welding;
  • Many more...

Filtech Stands9


ACA Systems, Aerofil, Abalio, Amixon Mixing Technology, Baron Fluoride Materials Technology, Dumas, Blücher, Century Woven, Carbon Activated, Convergence Industry, Deltrian International, DMN Westinghouse, Dorstener Drahtwerke, DrM Dr. Müller, Dürkopp Adler, Eloona Drahtgestrick, FiberVisions, Filtrieren & Separieren, FLSmidth Wiesbaden, Fratelli Mariani, Sinter Metals Filters and GUSBi are some of the exhibitors you'll meet in this event. Join them and forge new partnerships!

FIBO Cologne - a mandatory trade fair for the fitness, wellness and health industry!

FIBO is an international business platform for managers, distributors, suppliers, investors and decision makers in the fitness, wellness and health industry. It is also Europe’s number one meeting place and event for the bodybuilding, weight training and martial arts scene.

If you're part of this industry, FIBO is a mandatory event for your company! In order to exhibit, you just need to book a stand and find a reliable local designer. If you need help with this task, contact our team of experts in trade-shows. They'll introduce you to an exquisite selection of Stand Contractors & Designers in Cologne!

Fibo Halls


FIBO is divided into 3 categories:

  • FIBO Expert: a platform that responds to demands defined by the exhibitors of the segments: Training Equipment, Medical, Wellness & Beauty, Sports Nutrition, Consulting & Services, Functional Training & Cross Fit, Trading, Performance Apparel and Mobile Devices.
  • FIBO Passion: a hall designed as a shopping mall with approximately 170 exhibitors of the latest fitness trends and exciting adventure areas.
  • FIBO Power: here you'll find suppliers of Sports Nutrition, Drink Systems, Nutrition Programms, Bodybuilding, Literature, Accessories, and plenty more. Your idols and well-known body-builders will also be present.

Fibo Stands Exhibition2


FIBO attracts influential experts from Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Latvia, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Malaysia, Portugal, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey, Canada, Hungary and India. Join this incredible fair and mix with thousands of companies, including Primex, Health XL, LightTech, Mad Dogg Athletics, Reflex Nutrition, AmerPharma, Apus Sports, TecnoBody Italy and C.P.Sports.

Fibo Products

Why exhibit?

Trade shows are much more than handshakes and business cards. They are opportunities to present your business to a large number of people in a short period of time. Keep in mind that FIBO will enable you to:

  • Reach your entire target group at a single location;
  • Identify trends and get inspiration for your product innovations;
  • Interact with skilled professionals from all around the world;
  • Explore business opportunities and meet potential partners;
  • Build your brand as a cutting-edge company;
  • Take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities;
  • And plenty more...!

RDA Cologne Workshop, the leading international trade-only exhibition for the coach tourism sector

Everything is possible at the RDA Workshop: sourcing new trends, gaining a market overview, making new business contacts, nurturing established contacts, comparing services, placing orders, sharing experience, collecting inspiration – and all in one place over a short period of time.

Rda Workshop Venue Cologne


As a B2B networking and order forum, the RDA-Workshop is an established date for all companies and organisations actively involved in the international group travel business. In order to exhibit in this event, you just need to book a stand and find a reliable local designer. If you need help with this task, contact our team of experts in trade-shows. They'll introduce you to an exquisite selection of Stand Contractors & Designers in Cologne!

Rda Cologne Stands


Here you'll find a wide range of products/services within the following branches:

  • Hotel and catering
  • Tour operator
  • Tourism organization
  • Leisure & culture
  • Stage company
  • IT provider
  • Ferry/shipping company/shipping agencies
  • Incoming agencies
  • Other travel business

Rda Workshop Stand2

Why exhibit?

82% of RDA-Workshop trade visitors are decision-makers who seek one thing above all: fresh ideas that provide existing customers with plenty of variety and new customers with attractive choices. Exhibit at RDA, interact with this exclusive group of buyers and:

  • Interact with decision-makers from all around the world;
  • Introduce new products & services to a professional audience;
  • Gain greater visibility for your company and its offering;
  • Benefit from an intense media coverage;
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Launch new products/services and survey attendees about new projects;
  • Keep up on industry trends;

... and so much more!

ANGA COM, where Broadband meets Content

ANGA COMhas been Europe’s leading business platform for broadband operators and content providers for more than 15 years. In 2015, the event attracted 450 exhibitors and 17,000 business visitors from over 70 countries. With a 51% share of international visitors, ANGA COM provides a broadband focused market place for network operators, vendors and content providers all over Europe.

Exhibit at ANGA COM!

In order to participate in this fair you just need to book a stand and start preparing your trip to Germany! If you want to catch everyone's attention, it is always a good idea to invest in an attractive exhibition booth. Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll find you the best Stand Design Companies in Cologne!

Anga Com 2014 31

Many opportunities!

Attracting over 450 exhibitors and 17,000 business visitors from all around the globe, ANGA COM is the ideal platform for you to:

  • Meet face to face with clients, executives and experts
  • Stay up-to-date on the sector's novelties
  • Boost your brand's visibility throughout Europe (and beyond
  • Establish profitable partnerships
  • Get direct feedback on your products/services/solutions
  • And plenty more!!

Anga Com Stand Design Cologne


ANGA COM covers the following categories:

  • Manufacturer network components
  • Manufacturer consumer electronics
  • Manufacturer servers/CMTS/routers
  • Manufacturer measuring instruments
  • Network operators (cable, satellite, etc)
  • Platform operator
  • System integrator
  • Content provider
  • Service provider
  • CA/EPG/software
  • Consulting
  • Publishing houses
  • Others



CableWorld, Axiros, AXON, Conax, Divitel, EuroMedia-Service, GeoStruct, InCa Software, SeaChange, Motama, Nagra, GeoStruct, JO Software Engineering, Zappware, Verimatrix, Sipwise, SED System, Alcatel, Alpha Technologies, Bauckhage, Axess Betworks, ConnectCom, ECI Telecom, Hellenic Cables, Lemco, LightPointe, Lindsay Broadband, Micos, Mönninghoff and Oren Kablo are some of the exhibitors you'll find at ANGA COM!

Talk to more than 400 international companies at your stand in Chemspec Europe

Chespec Europe Expo, held in Cologne, is bound to be the biggest one yet. Where you can explore its hallways to find hundreds of exhibitors with newfound products, free-to-attend conferences and seminars and even more so, find whatever you are looking for. If you want to exhibit here, you will also have a great deal of benefits.

Chemspec Booth

You have the chance to participate in all its networking events, gain popularity right away among key industry leaders and show off your latest products and services. If you are thinking of being a part of this show, make sure to keep us in mind.

We want to make your designing journey a bit smoother. In other words, our specialists know the right kind of designer to fit your needs in the area. And with our help, your products will have an extra touch.

Kind + Jugend is your one stop-shop for baby and toddler clothing!

At Kind+Jugend you can find everything you need for the baby and toddler outfitting sector! You are able to see more than 1,000 exhibitors worldwide and enjoy the presence of over 20,000 trade visitors. Not only that, it is considered to be one of the best ones around.

Kind + Jugend Exhibition Booth

If you have a stand at this trade show, you will be exploiting all your companies factors. This is because you are in front of the best manufactures, key players and top agents. Throughout the show you will discover new trends and novelties. Not only this, you are able to present your own products in the show's line-up, guaranteed to be seen by many visitors who come from 110 countries.

Be sure to contact us to have the best stand that suits your needs. We will guide you to the right stand designer and builder in the best way possible. As our specialists can help you find the one that fits your needs the most. Let yourself be inspired by the atmosphere, convinced by the many business options and impressed by the range offered - so that you can subsequently impress your own customers. And above all remain curious!

Don't miss out on IAW and bring in your own products!

Enjoy the full package of IAW, Germany's expo that brings together every kind of sector in the retail department. All the best supplies and latest products are right at your fingertips, right here on the show floor. You can see anything from food and drinks to gift and novelties items, from small items of furniture and accessories to plants and flowers.

Iaw Cologne

This trade fair holds first place thanks to its avid success rate. It is continuously marked as a well-equipped show that is able to push sales up and forward. Buyers love that they are able to find, plan and order everything they need, all on the spot. Don't look anywhere for a better distribution and product placement, come to IAW. Book a stand, talk to us and we will show you the best stand designers there are in the area.

FESPA Cologne showcases more than 700 exhibitors

FESPA is by far the largest event in the world all about wide format digital, screen and textile print technology. At each edition, they take their print providers to the next level. Offering solutions to every day problems and letting them discover what is coming up next, this is an event you want to reap the benefits of.

Fespa Stand

Including more than 700 exhibitors who put out their top products and exclusive live presentations, they focus on every area possible. Anywhere from digital printing to industrial applications and everything in between. Stalls that are stunning to see since they showcase those best machinery tools and offer space to have business deals, it catches everyone's eye. Have your brand at this show and further your knowledge in the industry.

Chemspec Europe counts on 30 years of experience in the chemistry sector

Check out this two event where every type of the chemistry sector come together to showcase their innovative products! We are talking about Chempec Europe. Being one of its in kind in Europe, it is the ideal place to get new contacts, develop key partnerships and get advice from experts.

Chemspec Europe Stand

With over 400 international companies on the show floor, it gives the rest of the events a run for their money. Your products will be showcased front and center and be able to catch everyone's eye. From consumers, distributors, end-users and business executives. No other event offer this impressive return on investment. Don't miss out!

Eisenwarenmesse has been on top of the hardware industry for the past 50 years

Why look for a trade show with better figures? We are proud to introduce you to The EISENWARENMESSE. This exceptional show brings 2,787 exhibitors and 50,000 trade visitors from every sector of the hardware industry all under one place. Without a doubt, it is displayed as the world's number one show for over 50 years.

Eisenwarenmesse Exhibit

Their main goal is to put quality over quantity, making them reach to the top and wow their audience every single time. Join this well-known innovation hub and reach international success with your brand. Don't look anywhere else if you want to beat these numbers.

DMEXCO trade show is a hit in the global digital marketing and media industry

DMEXCO (Digital marketing exposition and conference) is a very successful event for all the exhibitors and visitors in the field of global digital marketing and media industry. The show has a big influence over the people in this sector. The exhibitors participate in this event with their greatest products and stands that are impressive to see.

Dmexco Booth

Be sure to check out the stands in all of the six sectors. As they are the following: congress hall, debate hall, seminars, speakers' corner, work labs and start-up village. And be a part of it with your booth and our help. We will assist you in getting the finest stand builders and designers in Cologne. Not only over 800 exhibitors show up every year, it welcomes more than 31,000 trade professionals. As it is known for focusing on the current aspects, issues and concerns of Digital Age. Be surprised as you take part of DMEXCO.

FIBO, leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, hosted in Cologne

Be part of the top brand world at FIBO! The leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. This is the key event where the manufactures of weight training equipment, consulting, personal hygiene products and many more come together with international distributors, education and training teachers and coaches, retailers, executives and many others. Each stand is packed with special offers and product launches.

Fibo Cologne Stand

Don't just take an insider look on your competitors! Use this opportunity to present your own products with the best stand design out there. That is where we can help you wow the high-powered executives. Our specialists will love to help you stand out by presenting you the top five stand designers and builders in Cologne. Remember now, be alongside 700 other exhibitors because thanks to the 116,000 received each year, FIBO is the worldwide Leading Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health.

Interzum Cologne, a key expo for the furniture and interior design industry

Be seen by 50,000 trade professionals and be taken away by the prominent stakeholders of the furniture and interior design industry. At Interzum, you will take part of the key meeting point where all the biggest providers, designers, business owners, decision-makers come together to take the industry by surprise. Let your booth stand out, contact us to take care of your every design need. We will find the ideal stand designers and builders just for you.

Interzum Stand

Including trend-setting products in home textiles, lighting designs, heating and many more areas, you are also able to talk about everyday challenges in the Q&A panels and hands on workshops. No doubt in our mind that this trade show will help you launch your company forward. Be sure to book your stand today.

Anuga Foodtec Exhibition Designs

In Cologne, at Anuga Foodtec, over 28,000 visitors cover the fairground to discover the most important expo for the international food and beverage industry. Bringing its own unique quality by being the only one that covers all aspects of the food production. In every corner of the fair you can find out all sorts of information on machinery, systems, packaging and everything in between. Its goal is giving out quick solutions to every day problems and being able to brainstorm creative ideas together.

Anuga Foodtec Exhibition Design

In this trade fair, you can network with fellow colleagues and get mixed in with the local brands. You can attend conferences that give out tips that will help your business. As well as finding new customers worldwide. Book your stand today. Contact us and we will help you find the right stand designer and builder just for you.

IDS, more than 125,000 visitors form 150 countries

More than 2,000 exhibitors form 60 countries exhibit at this show that claim the attention of more than 125,000 professionals form 15o countries, Are you going to exhibit at IDS? Contact us, Find you the best stand is our commitment!

Stall Design At Ids Cologne

More than 300 sqm of Exhibition Design at Intermot

  • Show: Intermot, Cologne
  • Total Exhibition Area: 325 sqm
  • Designer and contractor: MAG Expo

KSR Group Motorbike Stand 2014  2

KSR Group Motorbike Stand 2014  3

KSR Group Motorbike Stand 2014  4

KSR Group Motorbike Stand 2014  5

KSR Group Motorbike Stand 2014  6

Great stand designs at ISM Fair

Who else has got a sweet tooth? At ISM in Cologne, we are emerged into the tasty world of sweets and snacks. Its the largest trade fair for sweet and snacks worldwide. At ISM 2015, the largest and most professional business platforms come together to discover and discuss novelties,trend-setting products and up-to-date news.

Cologne Stand Design At Ism

Setting up your stand in this top-notch fair will open your door to 35,000 trade visitors from 140 countries. And 1,400 suppliers from 70 countries. Its goal is to expand their products to the max, strengthen the relationship between clients and companies and make direct deals at the moment.

If you are convinced that you want to participate in this sweet event, feel free to contact us right away. We can help you find the best designer, contractor and builder for ISM 2015 in Cologne.

Exhibiting at imm Cologne

If there is a show in Cologne where the beauty of the stand is part of the image of your brand is imm Cologne, the interior design fair in the German city.

In imm interior design, creativity, furniture, lighting, ... all concepts of the show have a high relationship with the sector stands so that the sensitivity of the visitors themselves judge, before entering, to your company by so tell your stand, so without hesitation we invite you to contact our specialists who will introduced you the best exhibition stand designers and contractors in Cologne.

Imm Cologne Exhibition Interior Stand

Book your Stand in Anuga to discover a range of opportunities

Anuga is held in Cologne every two years, but the first edition was held in Stuttgart in 1919 and then in Munich, Hannover, Berlin and Magdeburg until permanently installed in Cologne.

Anuga Exhibition Stand

Anuga is the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fair and occupied all the exhibition center which is the fifth largest in the world. So to make it easy to move around, the Trade Fair is sub-divided into 10 separate fairs that cover different categories.

  • Fine Food
  • Drinks
  • Meat
  • Frozen Food
  • Chilled and fresh Food
  • Dairy
  • Bread and Bakery, Hot Beverages
  • Organic
  • Retail Tec
  • Food Service

With over 6,700 suppliers exhibiting you will find everything to make your stay during the Anuga as comfortable and productive as possible. So save the date and book your Stand if you want you increase your business and discover a range of opportunities.

Cologne Exhibition Stand Designers and Contractors

Cologne is well known to the business world as one of the mainstays within the trade show industry. The economy of the city is so connected to the shows that occur throughout the year that there is an entire industry that is based specifically on building exhibition stands for the clients that come through the area.

This is quite a convenience for the companies who need to present themselves to the world in Cologne. The process is definitely becoming more complicated during every business cycle. More booth construction Cologne companies are popping up. It can be difficult for a newcomer to the city to determine the good exhibition design companies in Cologne from the bad ones.

Cologne Exhibition Stand at Anuga

This is where we come in.

Stand Contractors Cologne

Having a successful trade show appearance is a direct result of having the right Cologne stand contractor on your side. Without the right exhibition stand builders in Cologne, there is no way that you will be able to showcase your wares for the extremely picky and savvy clientele that will be attending the shows. These are the top professionals from the top companies around the world; they do not have time for operational mistakes when they are deciding who to take worldwide!

Stand Contractors Cologne

Booth Contractors Cologne

The top exhibition contractors in Cologne will usually be quite overworked during tradeshow season. Even if you are able to identify the company that can give you the designer you need, you will likely not be able to get that company to create it for you in time. The wait lists for the largest shows can be over a year, and exhibition designers in Cologne tend to take their old customers before taking the business of any new ones.

The advanced that we provide you is the ability to find the stand design Cologne the company that can give you the exact stand design that you need. Whether you will be inside or outside, have plenty of floor space or are bundled into a corner, we will make sure that the correct exhibition booth designers Cologne company comes to your assistance as quickly as possible.

Stand Builders Cologne

Stand Builders Cologne

We have built our relationships with these businesses over many years of trade shows in the city of Cologne. They know when we call, we are serious about what we are doing. We also know exactly who to call for a particular type of stand. We'll save you a great deal of time in perusing inventories of the hundreds of companies that are doing business in the city.