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How does it work?

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  2. We select the 5 suppliers that best meet to your needs

    We work with over 7,500 suppliers in 102 countries and 900 cities. We pick the 5 best proposals in terms of price and design. ( see how we select our suppliers ).

  3. The selected suppliers will send you their proposals for free

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How do you select the suppliers?

We work directly with thousands of Stand Contractors from all over the world. For each stand request, me analyze which ones are the most competitive suppliers, according to the stand features and where the event is.

We work with checked companies and we always bear in mind former clients opinion about these companies, as well as their expertise in the city where the event happens, besides our own impressions after working with them for over 2 years.

Will I negotiate directly with the company who will build my stand?

Yes, absolutely. We are not intermmediaries. We don't charge for commissions, neither you nor suppliers. We love transparency.

Once we know what kind of stand you need, you will receive your proposals directly from the most competitive suppliers. Negotiate and talk directly with who will make your stand.

If you need any help or have any questions, we are always here for you!

Will suppliers be local?

Yes, we always give preference to local suppliers. As they don't have to travel, savings are evident.

Besides, local suppliers can always give you a better and faster service in case something comes up.

Nevertheless, in some cases, suppliers from other countries have local offices in the city where event happens and can give you the same service with a better price. In this case, we can propose suppliers from other countries, but only if they have best prices than local suppliers (sometimes it can happen) and we are sure of a higher quality service.

How do you get the best price?

We get big savings on logistics and mounting expenses knowing when and where your event is, once we can know in which city each supllier is working at any moment.

We know wich supplier fits better for each stand, each city, each trade show.

We manage a daily average of 150 stands in the whole world. A 12-people team works every day selecting stand contractors. We always have fresh and updated information.

What are my obligations?

None. All you have to do is to evaluate the proposals suppliers send you.

What does nStands get out of this?

We charge a fixed amount from each suppliers, the same for all. Thus we have no debts with any supplier, none of them payed more to get more jobs.

We want to give you with such a great experience that you never think about another way to hire a stand.

How can I reserve an exhibition space at a trade show?

To book your space in a trade show, you have to speak to the organisers. Normally, in their official website you can find all the information about it. If you need any help, contact us. We'll be glad to give you a hand.

Which types of stands are available?

There's basically two kinds: Custom Stands and Modular Stands.

Custom stands are temporaral constructions whict adapts to your brand image. They have hogher prices, once a customized project and construction is required. A good stand designer can make the most from any budget. Receive different proposals and compare.

A modular stand is a reusable construction that doesn't adapts to your brand image. It is cheaper, but also gives a poorer image for your brand in a very competitive environment.

What will it cost?

The price of the stand depends on many factors: size, open faces, extra items...

We recommend exhibitors to define how much they are willing to invest on the stand. Than, with price in hands, ask and compare 5 proposals from different designers and choose the one you like best and best fits to your budget.

More questions?

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