How we work

How we got the best stand for you (magic)


How do we choose suppliers?
We work daily with thousands of stand companies around the world. For each booth request we analyze who are the most competitive suppliers depending on the characteristics of the work and the place of the Event.

We work with proven companies and we take into account the opinion of other users who before you worked with them, as well as their experience in the city where the event is held and the opinion they deserve after working with them for more than 2 years.
Will I deal directly with the company that will build me the stand?

Yes, absolutely. We are not intermediaries, we do not charge commissions to you or suppliers, we like transparency.

Once we know what kind of Stand you need, you will receive the proposals directly from the most competitive suppliers for your need. Negotiate and deal with whoever will build you the Stand.

What if you need help? Of course, you can always count on us.

Will suppliers be local?

Yes, we give prioritize local suppliers, as being the city the cost savings are obvious.

In addition local providers can give you a better service to any unforeseen, which is very, very important.

However, sometimes suppliers from other countries have operational offices in the city of the event and can offer the same service with better price, in that case we can propose suppliers from another country. But only if: they are more competitive in price than a local supplier (and sometimes it happens) and we are sure that the quality of service is higher.

How do we get the best price on nStands?

We will achieve great savings in logistics and assembly costs knowing when it is your event and in which city, and what we can know in which city each supplier works at all times.

We know at every moment, for each type of stand, for each city, for each fair..., which is the most competitive supplier.

We manage an average of 150 stands in the world. A team of 12 people work daily by selecting stand providers. We have live and updated information.

What commitments do you acquire?

None. All you have to do is value the proposals you receive from suppliers.

What benefit do we obtain as nStands?

We charge a fixed amount to the suppliers, all the same. In that way we have no debts with any provider, none of them has paid us more to "pass" the work or make your stand with commissions.

Our goal is to make your experience so satisfying that you never imagine another way to hire a booth

How do I get space at a trade show?

To hire space you need to go directly to the fair, on the website you will find all the contact information, if you need help send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

How do I get space at a fair?

To hire the space it is necessary that you go directly to the fair, on its website you will find all the contact information, if you need help send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

What types of stands are there?

They are basically divided into design stands and modular stands.

The design stands are constructions adapted to your brand image, have a higher cost as they include a custom design process and a unique construction to your needs. A good design stand is able to take advantage of any budget. Get different proposals and compare.

A modular stand is a reusable construction that does not adapt to your brand image, the cost of it is very inferior, no doubt. But it also conveys a poorer image of your brand in a highly competitive environment.

What is the cost of a booth?

The cost of a design booth depends on many factors: the number of square meters, the number of open faces, the extras you want to add...

We recommend that the exhibitors define the game they want to invest in the Stand. Once that is defined, it requests and compares 5 different designers ' proposals and chooses based on a previous budget.

Stands service features


Our software compare, within only 0,15 seconds, until 20.000 suppliers to find the one that suits you better.

In the twinkling of an eye you will meet them!


In the last 12 months we have helped exhibitors from all around the world to organize events in 142 different countries.

100% International


We have a workshop within a couple of meters where you need a stand!.

We have workshops in 1.052 cities in the 5 continents.


Saving 14,2% average, we helped thousands of exhibitors to organize the trade shows.


Receive your five proposals with no additional fee and with no compromise, you decide whether or not to choose the supplier


We are experts city to city. We know the best stand suppliers in more than 1,200 cities


If you are looking the wow! you are in the right place. Our stand builders are also good designers.


We present the trustworthy suppliers from each city, all of them have been verified.

If you have any question, ask our experts



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