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    Our Exhibition Stands Experts

    She'll help you to save time and money on your Stand

    Anna López

    She masters to perfection the markets of Europe, France, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, ... they have no secrets for Anna who knows suppliers in the main cities of Europe.


    Cristina Andrés

    Cristina has more than 5 years of experience in this Sector, she is able to find an ideal supplier in any city worlwide in the blink of an eye.
    If you need a Stand in Spain or Deustchland, she makes miracles!


    Mon Fernández

    Italy is a one of the most active markets in Trade Shows in Europe. We are permanently required for Stands suppliers for trade shows in Milan or Florence, or italians who require a Stand worlwide. In all these cases Mon knows prefectly this market.


    Raquel Dias


    Latest stands published by our contractors

    , neventum

    Drawing on more than 100 years of experience, the [IFAI Expo]( "IFAI Expo") is the premier textile trade show. It features: - The broadest marketplace connecting thousands of...

    , Stand Decor

    From 17 to 19 November, will be held the Intermodal Europe in Hamburg, where new products will be discovered, there will be free lectures and more than 100 global suppliers will attend. Visitors...

    , Stand Decor

    Milipol is the worldwide exhibition of Internal State Security. This year is the 19th edition, which will give an overview of security issues and access to international markets. STAND DECOR...

    , formundraum messebau (G)

    formundraum hat eine Unternehmenstochter. Seit dem Frühjahr gehört die Werkstatt für Werbetechnik Neon Hiepler zu uns. Neon Hiepler sitzt schon seit 65 Jahren in Bonn und hat sich auf...

    , Stand Decor

    21, 22 and 23October, in Monaco, will be held Luxe Pack Monaco, a fair aimed at the top of specialists in packaging for luxury goods. Visitors from around the world will attend it, as well...

    , Tuhan Mimarlik at Istanbul (Turkey)

    Tuhan Mimarlık has perfomed a great job at Ismob 2015 with MOBSAD Stand which is 7121 sqm.. We are building MOBSAD stand till 3 years in 4 days with 65 people. 

    , Tuhan Mimarlik at Düsseldorf (Germany)

    World's famoust wine fair has perfomed 13-15 March 2015 at Düsseldorf / Germany. And Turkish Wine Exporters were there under the name of WINES OF TURKEY  with our design. 

    Exhibition Stand Design

    Receive free 5 proposals for your exhibition stand from a wide selection of contractors.

    Tell us what type of Stand you need and receive for free 5 customized proposals, so you can chose the one that best fits your brand image and budget!

    Custom Built Exhibition Stands

    Custom Built Exhibition Stands. Innovative projects that will take your breath away

    You only receive complete proposals: custom design, 3D renders and a fully detailed budget.

    Decorate your Stand to differentiate your brand from competitors and highlight your products and services. Our decoration companies will make your stand a pleasant environment and will make shire you will stand out in the trade show.

    Which services does a stand decoration stands?

    When you hire a stand decoration, it generally includes:

    • the interior design, made by a professional; -furniture rental

    It might include the design and printing of graphic material/textiles. These services depend on whether the decoration company offers it or have agreements with any graphic.

    When should I hire decoration services for my Stand?

    In general, the stand contractors offers decoration services, which are included in the stand design.

    When the trade show have standard stands, you have to use decoration to ** stand your brand out** from the competitors.

    If you already have a stand, to renew its image

    Changing the stands colors, furniture and graphics, added a good lighting renew and improve your stand, for a reasonable price.

    Renting a stand is an inexpensive option to consider. They usually have a lower cost and you don't need space to store it after the event. We work with stand rental companies in the main cities of the world. If you need to rent a stand, ask 5 free proposals. compare and choose. Free and without commitment.

    Why rent an stand?

    Renting a stand is a good emergency solution, as the structure only needs assembly and the new graphics. It can be used to keep with simple marketing aims, as a first time in the trade show and open new markets.

    Tips for when you rent a stand

    When signing the contracts, confirm the stand conditions with the company. You should also check if the price includes transportation and assembly services.

    Always ask the company if they have decoration services. A good interior design and prints are a good investment to improve the stand visuals and stand-out among your competitors.

    Whenever it's a modular stand for a one-day event or it's a whole trade show with 1.500 modular stands, we have, in 102 countries, the best companies to cover any of your needs.

    What's a modular stand?

    Modular stands have a structural system of building, very easy to assemble and disassemble. Using this kind of stand favors re-using materials, and you can also order modules according to your needs.

    Modular Stands: a sustainable and inexpensive way to be on a trade show

    Advantages of using a modular stand:

    They are easy to assemble and transport, which reduce some expenses when using it. They're resistant, reusable and you can customize it with graphics, furniture and decoration.

    Tips when using a modular stand:

    Modular stands does not stand out for themselves. If you use one, we highly recommend you to invest on its interior design and graphics, to stress on your uniqueness and enhance your brand image.

    Thus, your company can save money on building the stand without giving up creativity and branding aims.

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