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Positioned in the top spot as the most important cultural event in the country, Feria Internacional Libro Bogotá

The International Book Fair Bogotá is the main platform for business publishing and promoting reading. Positioning itself as the most important cultural event in the country, each year the events brings publishers,distributors, booksellers, representatives of the printing industry and writers.

Bogota Fil Exhibition Booth

If you are interested in expanding your company, book a stand and send it our way. We are able to show you the best designers and builders in the area, all free of cost.

FILBO Feria Internacional Libro Bogotá

FILBO Feria Internacional Libro Bogotá From to

  • Corferias - Centro de Convenciones
  • Bogotá, Colombia

Join one of the biggest pretroleum trade shows in Latin America, ACIPET

Joining one of the biggest and most important petroleum trade shows will help your company in unbelievable way. This and many reasons more is why you need to come to ACIPET. Giving you a great educational program, they give you ideas and solutions for your non-renewable research and resources. Give your stand design ideas and through there, we will find you the best stand designer and builder you need. Give us a call today.

Congreso Colombiano De Petroleo Y Gas

Listen to the daily speakers, worldwide experts, various forums, exhibitions and keynote speeches that stores all the info you need. Whether it you want to see the products, find new services, or exchange ideas with fellow colleagues, this is where you need to be. Having many chances to grow, showcase and raise the business opportunities, there are more than incredible possibilities for strategic alliances and contribute to strengthen the image of your company. Be at ACIPET and expand your company abroad.

Congreso Colombiano de Petróleo y Gas

Congreso Colombiano de Petróleo y Gas From to

  • Corferias - Centro de Convenciones
  • Bogotá, Colombia

Designer stand at Expo Oil & Gas Bogota

  • Client: Repsol
  • Event: Expo Oil & Gas
  • Stand area: 48m2
  • Builder: Integra Producción Logística

Diseño de stand para Repsol en Expo Oil and Gas Colombia 1

Expo Oil and Gas Colombia

Expo Oil and Gas Colombia From to

  • Corferias - Centro de Convenciones
  • Bogotá, Colombia

Exhibition Booth in Bogotá

Bogotá is the largest city in Colombia, making it one of the best places to bring your business to. The trade show business is the best way to get seen in this lively city and you want to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. If you are looking for the perfect design for your exhibition booth, we can help you create the best presentation of your company to assure you catch all the right buyers eyes.

Exhibition Booth in Bogotá

Bringing Your Business to Bogotá

In order to get noticed, you must find the right exhibition stand builders to efficiently market your company to the audience. We have the resources needed to set up the most effective booth, fitting your unique company’s needs. Our first service is to provide you with the five best proposals for your exhibition booth that fit suit your specific needs. These proposals will all come from exhibition stands in Bogotá, however you will not have to go through every design. We will use our experience to find the best floorspace design and location for your tradeshow. Our goal is to help you cut down the amount of time you would spend setting up a perfected exhibition stand by using our expertise to take handle the background work. This way you can have an advantage over your competition by diverting that extra time back into focusing on your company. We want to help you have the most successful marketing event by setting up the best exhibition booth in the trade show. Get in contact with us as soon as you know that you will be using Bogotá to market your business. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

Stand Bogotá

Venues and Upcoming Events in Bogotá

Corferias International Business and Exhibition Center offers excellent facilities of high standard. It is custom built to service the needs of the exhibitors and provides innovative technological facilities.

JW Marriot Bogotá is in a convenient location for corporate guests and leisured tourists with modern facilities. They offer vast meeting rooms and conference spaces that enable successful events.

International Footwear and Leather Show will demonstrate various products in footwear and various renowned designers will be present at the event to provide the latest trends.

Meditech-Colombia will be an event in the health sector showing the most representative level equipment, supplies, services, and technological advances.

Efficiency and Security show is an event hosted by 220 exhibitors showcasing their products and services to increase awareness, sustainability, and competitiveness among the attendees.

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