The Bogotá International Book Fair is an important source of business for the publishing industry. Held since 1988, it is the most important publishing and cultural event in Colombia. Each year, this fair brings together a large group of professionals in the book industry, such as publishers, distributors, booksellers, agents and writers. Buyers from all around the world (and mainly from Central America, the Caribbean, the United States and Europe) choose this fair to source new products and publishing houses.

Feria Del Libro Bogota

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At Bogota's International Book Fair you'll find the following sectors:

  • National & international editions
  • Children & youth literature
  • Technical and scientific papers
  • Universities
  • State entities and governors
  • Writers
  • Members of the printing industry
  • Others...

Bogota's Book Fair is attended by other sectors, such as: technical and scientific books, printing industry, editing, universities, among others.

Feria Libro Bogota Colombia


As an exhibitor here you can:

  • Increase your sales;
  • Interact directly with plenty of new buyers;
  • Launch new books, related products and services;
  • Position your company/brand and gain recognition;
  • Generate qualified national and international contacts;
  • Benefit from an intense media coverage;
  • ... and much more!

Raquel Dias

Editorial Staff in neventum