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We work with 156 stands design companies in Santiago Chile, companies with workshop in the city or close 156


oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Santiago Chile, Chile


Stand Chile is a company dedicated to the design, production, construction, mounting and dismounting in different types of national...

Santiago Chile, Chile

Cacho'e Cabra

For over 5 years we have dedicated to find new ways to present Your brand in different places and events. We believe that we have met...

Santiago Chile, Chile

Taller y Diseño

We are a company with more than 15 years in the business, preferably dedicandonos to the manufacture of stand for fairs and events,...

Santiago Chile, Chile


OnConcept searches to be a solutions center ofefficient and innovative communication, keeping a professional and concrete looking...

Santiago Chile, Chile

Neomada arquitectura y diseño

Neomada aims to provide projects and products to improve quality through design. I.e. focus all our creativity to the transient spaces...

Santiago Chile, Chile


Durga was born to beginning of the 2011, with the objective of professionalizing them services of design, Marketing and manufacturing...

Santiago Chile, Chile


Advertising contribution is a family business that works with an excellent presentation Bill and skilled in solving their required...

Santiago Chile, Chile


NEURON BTL offers and delivers creative and comprehensive solutions in the advertising field and industrial, quality and on time, for...

Santiago Chile, Chile


We are a Chilean company with extensive experience in promotions, organization of events, design and construction of stands, digital...

Santiago Chile, Chile

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Upcoming trade shows in Santiago Chile

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Santiago Chile where you may need a stand:



  • Del al
  • Estación Mopocho
  • 4 weeks from now


  • Del al
  • 1 month from now


  • Del al
  • 5 months from now


  • Del al
  • Espacio Riesco
  • 6 months from now

SICUR Latinoamérica promotes safety, security and emergency awarness

SICUR LATIN AMERICA has clear goals as it promotes safety, security and emergency. Hold in Santiago de Chile, it makes sure to spread the awareness of safety all over the country and worldwide. From hosting workshops, business meetings, exercises, talks and many other areas, it brings you the right kind of information you need.


Also being a meeting point to exchange experiences and knowledge, get further training and know more about technologies from everywhere in the world. You must make this a show to attend to. As it will give you a further look in security in Latin America and help you expand your own products and services.

It is supported by the Chilean Government, helping it become a prestigious and important event to attend to all around. Book a stand, be there and help the world become safer. We would love to help you around and find the right stand designer for you. Our specialists know the best ones in the area and they are happy to help you, free of cost. Don´t miss out on this show and reap the benefits right away.

Book your stand for CONEXPO Latin America in Chile

CONEXPO Latin America is a trade show about industrial machinery and equipment for the constructor sector. It is directed to professionals in both big and small companies throughout Latin American. They will be able to participate in diverse areas, all of which have been designed specifically for the construction industry.

Conexpo Latam Estand

If you are interested in expanding your contact list, strengthen your brand and try out new technologies, don't doubt in reserving your stand. Talk to us and our specialists will present to you the very best stand designers and builders in Chile.

Samsung Exhibition Stand design and building in Santiago de Chile

Client: Samsung Constructor: OKStand

Samsung Exhibition Stand in Santiago de Chile

Building an Stand in Santiago Chile

Building an Stand in Santiago Chile

Building an Stand in Santiago Chile

Exhibit in Expomin, the worldwide mining centre in Chile

Expomin brings together each year more than 1,500 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors. So is not strange that has became one of the most notable trade shows in Chile.

Among the visitors we can find representatives of industries like Processing Plants, Smelters, Engineering and Consulting companies, investors and even International and National Government Authorities.

In addition we can find different activities as seminars, conferences and workshops by sector institutions and exhibitors.

Exhibition Stand Expomin Chile

With no-doubt is the correct place to find professional opportunities in mining industry that emphasise on an strategy focused on human resources as the key for the sector’s development.

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Santiago, the City that Grows

Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile. It has developed into the financial and industrial center of the country. Santiago has had a steady economic growth for the past few decades and it appears that this trend is going to continue. A large number of industries are developing a large presence in the city. All of these industries are growing and expanding along with the city.

Santiago Exhibition Booth Constructor

Business in Santiago

There are so many opportunities in Santiago it is impossible to ignore them. New high rises are constantly being built and new companies continue to move into the city. Santiago appears to have developed into a city that has really moved past any past economic crisis. It is time to take advantage of the opportunities this city has to offer you and become a part of the business community.

One of the best ways to become a part of the business world or become more prominent in it is with trade shows. There are so many networking opportunities at these shows. Everyone wants to be a part of them. With so many people hoping to be a part of the business world in Santiago, you are going to need to do something that will make you stand out from everyone else. You need to make yourself be the one that is remembered. At trade shows the best way for you to do this is to acquire a high quality exhibition stand.

This will give that extra push over your competition that you need. People will remember your stand and be very impressed by your professionalism. Finding this exhibition stand can be the difficult part and we want to help you with that. We already know the companies in your area and we have dedicated time to knowing and understanding their inventories.

So allow us to do the work of finding the stand for you. We will give you five proposals, free of charge, that are the best fit stands for you. We find these proposals with your needs and budget kept in mind. We hope to be hearing from you soon so that we can help you in the next step of your business.

Upcoming Events in Santiago

Expo Hospital

Suppliers in the health industry come together at the Expo Hospital to showcase their products and services. Professionals may also participate in a conference that the trade show hosts.

100 Showrooms

100 Showrooms is an annual event in Santiago. It hosts the construction, furnishings, technology, architecture and design industries.

Labour Market Trade Show

The Labour Market Trade Show connects employers with future employees. The trade show has the main focus of offering jobs to those that are seeking one.

Feria Verde

The main focus of Feria Verde is to showcase organic products for the home. A wide variety of products are offered here for tastings, samples and purchase.


Professionals in the security sector are brought together at FISEG. They are there to present their new products and share new ideas for the industry.