ExpoHormigón is as customary as every edition and it will also bring new things to its edition. As it is attended by the most prestigious national and international experts, who in addition to delivering technical talks, they advice the thousands of visitors on modern technologies which they have built. As an added plus, they also inform them about the latest developments sectors throughout various seminars, progress reports and workshops.

This upcoming version of the has brand new segments, from three major exhibitions in the sector which helps it become the largest platform for the building business in Latin America. All in all, a unique showcase of solutions to serve the industry. At this expo, we can find more than 800 national and international companies.

Expohormigon Exhibition Area

All of which represent their products and constructive developments, as well as integrating an important component of innovation. Allowing them to provide to the right public an efficient, productive and competitive solution all around.

These demonstrations that can been all around the platform at Espacio Riesco in Santiago de Chile . Wide areas that are filled with full-scale commercial and professional talks, detailed opportunities to know in detail the uses and benefits of every new product and allowing them to apply an experience and knowledge in the development of their own products.

There have been a great deal of technical advances in the sector over the past year. With each them, there is a different area for it every time. And the construction in the real size field is with mixed with industrial flooring, architectural concrete, paving, precast, tilt up systems and much more. Keep in mind it is an ideal meeting point between the supply of products and services. Having them high on demand and exposed to the highest level of professional in the most active and effective way.

Keeping focused on the most important needs of the construction in Chile, on site demonstrations are involved as well as real scale products. Always helping new architectural, urban potential of concrete and more areas move forward within this area.

Manuela Sanz

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