Consumexpo is a fair that has everything! From candles to curtains, top-notch necklaces and travel bags, here you'll find the best gifts in the industry!

The CONSUMEXPO fair is divided into 4 salons:

1) HomeStyle Salon: Cut-glass ware, glass-ware, china, ceramics, kitchen and household appliances and supplies, home textiles (table-cloths, curtains, bed linen, etc), artificial flowers, flower arrangements, cut flowers and pot plants, recreation items (tends, chargrills, hammocks, bio-toilets, etc), landscaping, garden furniture and sculptures...

2) Gifts & Souvenirs Salon: watches and jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics, paintings, posters, fillets, photo frames, table games, hobby goods and supplies, decorative candles and candle holders...

3) Business Solutions Salon: franchising in the consumer market, IT solutions for wholesale and retail, credit programmes, logistics..

4) Footwear, Leather Haberdashery, Clothes and Accessories Salon: suitcases, travel and sports bags, backpacks, leather care products, classical ladies’ and men’s clothing, glasses & umbrellas...

Consumexpo Moscow

Be part of this Show!

Come to Moscow and participate in Consumexpo! Contact our team of experts in fairs and get the best exhibition stand designers in Moscow!.

There are many opportunities waiting for you! If you are:

  • a wholesaler, you’ll have automatic access to retailers looking to stock their physical and virtual stores with fresh products. You will also have the opportunity to meet potential agents that will help you distributing your goods and services faster and more efficiently;

  • a retailer, you’ll have direct access to potential buyers in an environment where people are actively seeking for products and services;

  • looking to network, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the shakers and movers of the consumer industry and forge new relationships that could lead to mutually beneficial partnerships in the future.


Consumexpo is also a wonderful source of information on the latest trends in the fast goods consumer industry, presenting multiple learning opportunities including workshops, forums and seminars.

Come by, increase your sales and become a reference in your business!

Raquel Dias

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