modur Exhibition  was established in 2000, specializes in the design and construction of large-scale special exhibition, exhibition decoration design and construction, design and construction of business activities, the opening ceremony of the stage and the implementation of design and construction of large-scale show, focusing on service known brands and government.
modur exhibitions have exclusive proprietary factory, covering 8,000 square feet, mainly in the service: exhibition design companies, advertising agencies, public relations firms and the like; a wholly-owned under the Guangzhou, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Germany customer support and production base, while in Shanghai, Hong Kong, the main exhibition markets in North America, the Middle East and the establishment of a supply chain support system, can provide customers with a global service chain.
modur Exhibition has been committed to the service of the leading brand in the Chinese mainland influential Canton Fair, the fair, the West will, in the Fair, Motor Show, rum, financial development, communications exhibition, Furniture lighting exhibition on the exhibition we are active in the figure, the company will be based on specific conditions and actual needs of customers to tailor the most appropriate service model, truly add value for the customer's needs, to meet and exceed customer expectations .
After years of development, modur has been well-known enterprises and the establishment of a deeper cooperation, with a strong customer base; mature professional operation, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and cultivate a strong group of the overall quality of staff, with the country the ability to operate large-scale tour of the country, to provide customers with high quality and efficiency of design and construction services.