Client needs to attend ACT EXPO 2014 in Long Beach, We helped them to design with in short of time, and construct the booth structure, graphic design and print all in our facility. This project was a rush project but we made it. Please contact Artsolute Media Group (AMG)  if there is anything you need for your future trade show and events in USA. Please check our website at
Here is their feedback after the show finished.
Feedback From : Galileo
1. What would you rate the overall service from our sales department? (10)
2. How do you like the creativity of your booth design by AMG's design team? (9)
3. Did our in-house production keep up with the schedule? (10)
4. What would you rate the quality of show site services provided by our crew? (10)
5. How did our customized Project Management System helped in providing information for your project? (10)
6. How likely will you be working with AMG again on your next project? (Very Likely)
Comment: Galileo received a very good service with a competitive price in a very short time. Excellent and smooth execution too.