Held since 2006, China's Olive Oil Expo attracts more than 300 enterprises from all over the world; it plays an important role in trade service and public brand’s building. If you're part of this industry, don't let this event pass you by! It can definitely be a great opportunity for your business! In order to participate, you just need to book a stand and start preparing your best products. And, if you want to catch everyone's attention, contact our team of experts in trade shows: they'll find you the best Stand Design Contractors in Beijing!

Olive Oil Expo China

Why exhibit?

Participate as an exhibitor and you will be able to:

  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Interact face to face with thousands of key buyers;
  • Introduce new products to an expert audience eager to find new flavors;
  • Gain greater visibility for your brand and products;
  • Launch new products and survey attendees about new product ideas;
  • Discover the trends that are shaping the industry;
  • ... and so much more!

Internationa China Olive Oil Expo

Exhibitor Profile

China Olive Oil Expo attracts exhibitors with the following profiles:

  • High-end edible oil: camellia oil, olive oil, rice oil, walnut oil, grape seed oil, flax seed oil, etc.
  • Nutrition edible oil: nutrition peanut oil, nutrition blend oil, salad oil, double low rapeseed oil, etc.
  • Special healthy edible oil: avocado oil, deep sea fish oil, garlic oil, nut edible oil, pumpkin seed oil, delicate cotton oil, poppy-seed oil, etc.
  • Many kinds of flavored oils: black pepper oils, ginger oil, fresh scallop flavored oil, animal flavored oil, bone oil, etc.
  • Various oil-bearing crops: sunflower, camellia seed, corn-germ, Perilla seed, almond, pine nuts and other raw materials.
  • Oil Equipments for: pressing, splitting, filling, printer, capping machine, sealing machine, container, label packing, packing design, advertising design, brand promotion, etc.

China Olive Oil Exhibition Stand


China's Olive Oil Expo is visited by professional visitors from all around the globe; according to official data, they're mainly dealers, agents, logistic warehouses, high-end edible oil suppliers, wholesalers, owners of oil chain stores, gift shops and supermarkets, import & export trade companies, industry associations, enterprises, senior managers, online distributors, online stores, etc...

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