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We work with 13 stands design companies in Beyrouth, companies with workshop in the city or close 13


oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Beyrouth, Lebanon


We are specialized in stands design and production.Your idea will be presented in a 3D simulation maximizing your space management.Our...

Beyrouth, Lebanon

Realis Design

Realis is a brand architecture company specialized in exhibition design solutions. During its 15 years of global experience, Realis...

Beyrouth, Lebanon

Studio Jeger

Studio Jeger offers its clients a wide range of activities in a large variety of fields: from high-tech, food, medicine, pharmaceutical...

Giv'at Shmuel, Israel


CUBE specializing in design and production of exhibitions booths and provides high quality custom-made turnkey projects made from carpentry...

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bat Sheva Graphic Art

Bat Sheva Graphic Art is a company from Israel that specializes in the design and construction of stands and in providing integral...

Tel Aviv, Israel

Boya- Design

Boya design is a boutique trade-show and retail design company, established by Mr. Daniel Kantor, a prizewinning designer, with 23...

Tel Aviv, Israel

tlg exhibits

  One of the more experienced and professional companies in planning, designing and producing booths for Exihibitions, Showrooms...

Moshav Hagor, Israel


We are specialized in the design and production of stands for exhibitions, seminars and conferences. We have more than seven years...

Ramat, Israel

Shoval Pro

Shoval Pro is a leading branding and design firm, providing a complete package of solutions that meet the client's needs,...

Tel Aviv, Israel

Cordova Exhibition Design

Cordova Design was established in 1980 and is since then active in design, productionAnd delivery of exhibition boots in Israel and...

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Project Lebanon will help your company even further

Wanting to get a better outlook on the building sector, Project Lebanon has turned that into one of the biggest expo of its kind. This particular show offers all suppliers involved huge opportunities to expand their business, right in the main area of a leading rebuilding project.

Project Lebanon

Showcasing 20 countries that divide into 473 companies, it opens its doors to 20,000 visitors. This will make it one of the coolest and best shows to attend to, as it consists of unique face-to-face networking opportunities that will help your company even more.