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We work with 369 stands design companies in Zurich, companies with workshop in the city or close 369


oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Zurich, Switzerland

Andreas Messerli AG

We provide a one-stop-shop solution. We do everything possible to make your trade fair presence a success. Our core competence...

Zurich, Switzerland

Nüssli Schweiz AG

Exhibition Construction: personalised and reliable The planning and execution in the exhibition construction field is one of our principal...

Zurich, Switzerland

Syma-Expo SA

SYMA sees itself as innovative supplier of system solutions for the widest range of applications. Whether shop construction, POS, display,...

Zurich, Switzerland

MAE & Partner AG, Eichmann

Design and implementation of individual solutions with system components or customized. Implementation of projects was building in...

Zurich, Switzerland

Formdrei AG

Messebau - tailor made from A to Z Yesterday Munich, today Milan, morning Basel. We work International and feel the pulse of the time...

Sirnach, Switzerland

BPR Werbeagentur AG

We are a full service agency, which developed with passion and commitment communication solutions. We design, texts, design, layout,...

St.Gallen, Switzerland

Pacific Art Design

The identity of a company or a business is reflected in its layout and decoration. Today, the eco-design is no longer a fad but a way...

Guebwiller , France


Rhin'nove was created in 1994 to broadcast booths and ancillary products. After a few trials in umbrella stands, she specialized...

Strasbourg, France


ELLIPS is 9 trades in 1! Recognized in the professional environment of the installation of large format media communication - the "total...

Strasbourg, France

Messebau Süd

For over 30 years, we are the partner from renowned customers when it comes to professional presentation. From consulting, planning...

Ostelsheim, Germany

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Upcoming trade shows in Zurich

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Zurich where you may need a stand:

Personal Swiss

Personal Swiss

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  • Messe Zurich
  • 6 months from now

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Quality in Zürich

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and it is also a prominent global city. Zürich has become a city that people want to live in. It continues to get high rankings for the best quality of life. Companies also continue to move their headquarters here because of this and because of the low tax rates the city offers.

Business in Zürich

Zürich gives the people that live there many incentives to stay. Many companies make the city their home for their headquarters, which in turn brings a large number of jobs to the city. Large numbers of people are discovering the benefits of Zürich and are relocating there. This means despite the large number of opportunities there are also a large number of competitors. In order to now be successful in Zürich, you are now going to need to do something that will make you stand out from the competitors. At trade shows, a high quality exhibition stand that also has a modern design can help you do just that. If your exhibition stand is on a different level than everybody elses at a trade show, people will want to talk to you. They will remember you for the effort you put into your exhibition stand. That extra effort will be noticed and can pay off for you in the end. We can assist you in finding an exhibition stand that does all of this for you. Looking through companies inventories can be time consuming and we know your time is valuable. That is why we have dedicated our time to learning the companies in your area and developing an extensive knowledge of their inventories. Allow us to give you five free proposals. These proposals are found with your needs in an exhibition stand and your budget kept in mind. We want to make sure you leave the best impression possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon and we cannot wait to be working with you in the near future.

Upcoming Events in Zürich

Swiss Professional Learning

The Swiss Professional Learning exhibition focuses on human resource development. There are many opportunities here for learning and training to improve this department.

Giardina Zürich

Giardina Zürich is an annual event that focuses on garden and lifestyle. Garden designs of the highest level are presented here and attract both professionals and the general public alike.


This event is a leader in marketing, communication, event and pro-motion. There are many areas set aside at this event that encourage networking and discussion of ideas.

Bauen & Modernisieren

This event is aimed at builders and renovators. Many manufacturers and suppliers are showcased here.

Swiss Office Management

Swiss Office Management focuses on excellence in office work. This event also organizes noted speakers who will address issues in office management.