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oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Taipei, Taiwan

THETW Co., Ltd.

THETW Co., Ltd.

THETW Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Taipei, with a branch office in Shenzhen, China. We have over fifteen years of experience in building...

Taipei, Taiwan

Friendly International Ltd Co.

Friendly International Ltd Co.

Hi, I'm Jenny Hsieh, from Friendly International Ltd., We are specialized in exhibition stand construction in Japan and Taiwan...

Taipei, Taiwan

Wei Design

Wei Design

Weidesign could provide a very reasonable price but good quality for your stand.   So what’re you waiting for?...

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Milton Co., Ltd.

Taipei Milton Co., Ltd.

TaipeiMilton Taipei is located inside the Taipei World Trade Center, which is right opposite to Taipei 101. Its prominent location...

Taipei, Taiwan

Pan Art Design

Pan Art Design

Pan Art Design has established since 1995, we are unique because we offer the best service for all types of booth and exhibits.Whether...

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Vistar展覽設計有限公司致力於設計,工程和施工規劃展覽的整合營銷活動,是為國際展覽設計和施工提供全面的服務提供商。  ...

Taichung City, Taiwan

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Upcoming trade shows in Taipei

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Taipei where you may need a stand:

Bio Taiwan

  • Del al
  • Taipei, Taiwan

PV Taiwan

  • Del al
  • Taipei, Taiwan

TIBS - Taipei Int'l Bakery Show

  • Del al
  • Taipei, Taiwan

Giftionery Taipei

  • Del al
  • Taipei, Taiwan

Stands for Computex Taipei

Computex Taipei is the only global ICT show with a complete supply chain. Gathering more than 1,700 exhibitors, it is the ideal platform for establishing partnerships in Internet Computing Ecosystems.

If you need a stand for this exhibition, contact us! Our team of experts in exhibitions will introduce you to an exclusive selection of Stand Booth Designers in Taipei! Tell us what you need and we'll find you the perfect contractor.

Computex Taipei Stands0


Computex covers the following categories:

  • Systems & Solutions
  • Smart Business
  • Computers & Parts
  • Data Storage
  • Embedded Products
  • iStyle
  • Touch Applications & Display Products
  • Media
  • Mobile Devices
  • Peripherals & Accessories
  • Others...

Computex Taipei Taiwan Stand


Join Cimputex Taipei and meet many prominent companies, such as: A-Clever Technology, 3JTech, Acute Technology Inc, GL Batteries, Global Sources, PNY Technologies Asia Pacific Limited, Pocons, Ritek Corporation, Rosewill, Michilin Prosperity, Microakitas Technology Corporation, Ritek Corporation, Shany Electronic, Shape Technology, Shawo Industrial, Lintex, Litemax Electronics and Etasis Electronics. One of these companies may be your ideal business partner...! Don't miss this opportunity to make new alliances!


Why exhibit?

As an exhibitor, Computex enables you to:

  • get up to speed with the latest developments and trends;
  • find local partner and generate alliances to create business opportunities in Asia;
  • access high level decision-makers and a large customer base;
  • meet face-to-face with buyers from all around Asia and generate sales;
  • enhance your corporate reputation and brand image in Taiwan;
  • and plenty more..!

IMCAS Asia: one of the most important events in aesthetic medicine today

IMCAS Asia offers the latest insights into medical aesthetic treatments and procedures. Besides a commercial exhibition, IMCAS also offers many seminars, symposiums and live demonstrations (on fillers, toxins, devices, etc). It is a great opportunity to learn, make business and forge profitable alliances!

  • If you need a stand for this fair, contact us! Our team of specialists in exhibitions will introduce you to the best Stand Contractors in Taipei!

Imcas Asia Conference


IMCAS ASIA covers the following main themes:

  • Body surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Clinical dermatology
  • Cosmeceutics
  • Face Surgery
  • Genital treatments
  • Hair restoration
  • Injectables
  • Lasers & EBD
  • Peelins, mesotheraphy & anti-aging
  • Regenerative medicine & lipofilling
  • Devices & equipment

If you're part of this industry, IMCAS truly is a mandatory event for you and your company! Join this trade show and meet the companies and experts that can complement your business!


Exhibitors & Sponsors

Join IMCAS Asia and meet many leaders within the market industry of aesthetics, such as: Bausch + Lomb, Eufoton, Floxia International, Ilooda, ITP Biomedical Company, Deleo Led & Cryolipolyse, Filorga Laboratories France, Miramar Labs, Merz Asia Pacific, Sinhan Photos, Skinceuticals, Suisselle, Morpheus, TRM Korea, Suisselle and Lovaty Bio Tech Aesthetics Corp.

Imcas Aesthetics Stands

Your benefits

As an exhibitor, IMCAS Asia enables you to:

  • reach thousands of new highly-qualified customers;
  • generate leads and build relationship with prospects;
  • introduce new products/treatments/services and get experts feedback;
  • raise your profile and build brand recognition;
  • and more...!

Taipei International Food Show is an outstanding international gathering!

Visited by buyers from over 100 countries, Taipei International Food Show is an outstanding platform to forge new business deals and increase your brand's visibility. If you part of the following sectors, don't let this event pass you by:

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood, Meat & Processed Meat, Edible Oils, Dairy Products, Organic and Vegetarian Food, Frozen Prepared Food, Canned Food, Biscuits, Wine & Liquor, Coffee & Tea, Juice & Soft Drinks, Condiments & Confectionery and Ice Cream.

Taipei International Food Show1

Wondering how to find the best Stand Builders in Taipei? Search no longer! Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll introduce you to an exclusive selection of local designers!

Exhibit and...

  • gain insights into the latest technologies and applications;
  • reach your entire target group at a single location;
  • interact with skilled professionals and forge new partnerships;
  • position your brand and increase awareness;
  • take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities;
  • and more!

Taipei International Foodshow1halls


Tapei's International Food Show is the ideal platform to source/display:

  • Tobacco, Coffee and Tea
  • Confectionery, Biscuit and Snacks
  • Frozen Food
  • Seasonings & Condiments
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Farm Products, Fresh or Chilled
  • Canned Foods
  • Sea Food
  • Salted & Preserved Food
  • Live Stock
  • General Services + more...

Taipei Food Show1


Smile Sun, CherCher, The Best of Kaohsiung, Mos Burguer, An-Shin Foods, Sausage Family, Tea Bapu, TryGoodz, Bamboo House, Black Bridge, Naughty, Sun-Life, Daddy Leader, Dancing Tea, Fortune, Mr.Johnson, Lora's Kitchen, Sungift, Compass and Honey Bee Town are some of the companies that choose this fair to present new products & solutions. Join them and meet your ideal business partner! keep up-to-date on the latest products and technology to stay ahead of your competition; - increase your brand's visibility - build your brand as a cutting-e

Taipei International Cycle Show : an opportunity to position your brand!

Founded in 1970, the Taipei Cycle Show is the most famous bicycle show held in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets.


Planning on exhibiting? If you a need a Stand in Taiwan, we can introduce you to our favourite local companies! We collaborate with many Stand providers in Taipei: in order to meet them, you just have to fill out our online form and choose the design you like the most!

Taipei Cycle Bikes1


The Taipei Cycle Show is the ideal platform to source/display:

  • Bicycles
  • Bicycle Accessories
  • Frames & Frame Parts
  • Wheel Parts
  • Control Parts
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Transmission Parts
  • Bicycle Repair Tools
  • Cases & Bags
  • Gloves, Googles and Helmets
  • Footwear
  • Car/Motorcycle Care Products
  • Battery, Cells, Chargers and Modules
  • Brake Control Systems
  • Roller-Sake, In-Line Skate and Skateboards
  • Other Accessories & Services

Taipei Cycle Taiwan Stands2


3D Printing Technology, 5Links, AD Global, Falcon Cycle Tech, ADK Technology, Q-Lite, Rapid Horizon, Reynolds Cycling, Mady Enterprises, Magura Asia Limited, Pacific Cycles, PACO, Palatina Works, X-Fusion Shox, ID Bike, Igus Taiwan Company, Fairly Bike Manufacturing, Cafa Corporation, Cane Creek Cycling Components, S-Sun and Yamanha Motor are some of the companies you'll meet in this exhibition.

Taipei Cycle Show Taiwan

Reasons to exhibit

Taipei Cycle enables you to:

  • Reach thousands of highly-qualified customers
  • Generate leads that can drive product sales year-round 
  • Introduce new products and attract media attention
  • Raise your profile and build brand recognition
  • Keep up on industry trends
  • Gain insights into the latest technologies and applications
  • And more...

Taipei's Intl Industrial Automation Exhibition gathers over 73,000 professional visitors!

Taipei International Automation Industry Exhibition has been successfully held since 1987. This exhibition provides a professional platform where companies and buyers meet to network and make business. If you're in the industrial automation industry, join this trade show and meet more than 73,500 professional visitors!

Becoming an exhibitor

Once your exhibition space is confirmed, contact our team of experts in trade fairs. They'll introduce you to the best Stand Designers & Builders in Taipei! Finding a reliable local contractor is extremely important to ensure a successful participation!

Automation Industry Exhibition

Exhibitor Profile

Taipei's International Automation Industry Exhibition attracts companies specialized in:

  • Automation Controlling System
  • Industrial Robot Arms
  • Fluid Power Control Equipment
  • Hardware and Factory Equipment
  • Special Machinery and Testing & Measuring Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment & Machines Tools
  • Machinery and Equipment for Electronics Industry
  • Software for CAD/CAM/CAE
  • 3C Metal Components & Alloy Technology
  • More...

Taipei International Automarion Expo

Why exhibit?

Network with key-players in the industry at Taipei's largest automation industry event! Besides, as an exhibitor, here you'll be able to:

  • Interact with thousands of key buyers;
  • Meet influencers from all around the world;
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Introduce new products/services to an expert audience;
  • Gain greater visibility for your company;
  • Discover the latest market trends;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness,
  • ... and so much more!

TIMTOS, International Machine Tool Show at Taipei

TIMTOS is Taipei's International Machine Tool Show. Organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), this exhibition is one of the largest machine tool trade shows in Taiwan. Gathering over 1,000 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors, this is the ideal platform to forge international business deals!

Planning on joining TIMTOS? If so, don't forget to contact our team of experts in trade fairs. They will introduce you to the best Stand Builders & Designers in Taipei! We collaborate with many incredible local contractors and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs!

Timtos Exhibitio Hall Taipei

Main Product Categories

Each edition, TIMTOS gathers more than 1000 exhibitors. They mainly exhibit products/machinery within the following categories:

  • Metal Working Machinery
  • Tools and Cutters of Machinery
  • Welding and Cutting Machinery
  • Mechanical Parts and Accessories
  • Metal Cutting Machinery
  • Industrial Automatic Equipment/Machinery
  • Iron and Steel
  • Industrial Plants & Machinery
  • Materials & Machinery Testers
  • Equipment for Surface Treatment
  • Tools, Cutting Tools, Molds, etc
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components
  • Industrial Robots
  • More...

Timtos Stand2

Solutionix Corp, Stratasys, 7 Leaders, Universal Laser Systems, ACCUWAY, Cyclone, Actual Power, Wetori, Agma, Aimtek, Auto Well, AutoGrip, BEMATO, BigStone, Bosch Rexroth, Averex, Baoje, AXISCO, An Gen, Castek, Cells, Chain Tail, Komax, Mazak and Campro are some of the companies that choose TIMTOS to present their newest products and solutions. Join this outstanding community and forge valuable partnerships!

Timtos 2015 2


According to official data, TIMTOS attracts nearly 50.000 visitors per edition. They are mainly from China (+1800), Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Thailand, India, United States of America, Turkey, Singapore and Indonesia.

They join Taipei's TIMTOS to forge new partnerships, meet with new/existing suppliers, purchase and learn about new products & equipment. If you think you have what it takes to marvel this demanding audience, then don't let this show pass you by!

LED Taiwan is an action-packed show that offers the leading LED equipment and materials

Be an exhibitor in Taiwan's most important LED exhibiton, at LED Taiwan. Presenting only the best LED equipment and materials, it also introduces technology and manufacturing solutions. Aiming to benefit the buyers as it serves as a one-stop shopping platform, this is show is packed with activities and seminars for your knowledge pleasure.

Led Taiwan Exhibit Design

Have your place at this expo by bringing your own brand to be known. As the stands fill up fast, you will be able to promote your company into a wider market. Let us know what you got in mind as we show you custom-made stand designs just for you, free of cost. You will be under the spotlight as you are seen by the biggest industry leaders.

At this three day show, the leading supply chains in Taiwan will launch products, explain further information and be of great influence for the sector's future. Paving the way for various senior level professional experts by being the key meeting place to talk to every sector in the industry, they share their latest market updates and product innovations all in one go.

The amount of closed business deals made here is impressive. Helping the attendees to come up with viable strategies for business developments, its features extenseive media participation as well. Come to be known as a very well presented event, there is no one who wants to miss out on its high success rate.