Organised since 1998, the Balt Military Expo has close ties to the sea and the coast. It focuses on maritime safety and security, the latest defence systems, sea and land rescue and is dedicated to the Polish Navy, to other types of armed forces and to the services subject to Poland’s Ministry of Interior.

Balt Military Exhibition

Range of Topics

  • Sea and Coast Defense: navy ships, navy aviation, communication systems, monitoring systems, special forces armament and equipment, sailor uniforms and personal gear, meal preparation etc.
  • Safety of the Baltic and the Coast: armament and equipment for anti-terrorism, police specialized equipment, command support centers, crisis situation coordination centers, systems and equipment for the police and coast guard, etc.
  • Rescue at Sea and Coast: maritime rescue equipment, shore technical rescue equipment, medical rescue equipment, control and inspection devices, maritime rescue equipment, protective equipment, etc.
  • Others...

Balt Military Expo

Exhibitor List

Bank Millennium, Aluship Technologies, Adeon Tebra Polska, Deltamarin, DCNS, Ixblue - Francja, HAIX Niemcy, Ixblue, FAMOR, Else Technical and Research Service, Fundacja Obrony Narodoweij, Bota Technik, ECA Group France, BAE Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries, Kolo Naukowe, Medema Polska, Megmar Logistics & Consulting, Mesko SA, KenBit Koening, Pracownia, Promare, Remontowa, RADMOR, Ocean Tech, Saab Technologies and Rolls-Royce are some of the companies you'll meet in this exhibition. Join them and get inspired!

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Balt Military Expo has free entrance for: the soldiers and staff of Poland’s Ministry of National Defence, the Polish Armed Forces, representatives of central and local government agencies, Bureau of National Security, officers and staff of the Police, Border Guard (SG), State Fire Service, Government Protection Bureau, Internal Security Agency (ABW), Railway Protection Guard (SOK), rescue services and other organizations... Other visitors will have to register online or at the fair.

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