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ACTIVA CONSULTORES, is a Peruvian company with more than 4 years experience in the domestic market, growing year after year. Receiving...

Santiago de Surco, Peru

c & c soluciones Publicitarias

c & c soluciones Publicitarias

c & c Advertising Solutions is a company specializing in global marketing consultancy dedicated to providing solutions that will...

Santiago de Surco, Peru

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Upcoming trade shows in Santiago de Surco

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Santiago de Surco where you may need a stand:


  • Del al
  • Lima, Peru

Expoalimentaria Perú: an unique international business platform

Held in Santiago de Surco, Expoalimentaria Perú is the largest international trade exhibition in the region that highlights food and beverages, machinery, equipment, inputs, packaging, services, restaurants, and gastronomy. It has become the focal point of exporters and select buyers from all corners of the globe!

Expoalimentaria Peru Entrance Show


If you want to showcase your products, machinery and services at Expoalimentaria, these are the general prices:

  • Zone A: the prices range from 280.00 US$ - 325.00 US$ per m2.
  • Zone B: the prices range from 265.00 US$ - 300.00 US$ per m2.
  • Other Zones: from 250.00 US$ to 270.00 US$ per m2.

  • Note: these prices do not include taxes.

If you need a stand contractor for this fair, contact us! Our team of experts in trade shows will introduce you to an exclusive selection of Stand Designers in Santiago de Surco. Tell us your ideas and we'll find you the perfect contractor!

Expoalimentaria Stands Hostesses Peru

Exhibitors you'll meet

At Expoalimentaria you'll be able to mix and meet many prominent companies, including: AgriJugos, CocoMar, Dominus Peru, Sun Packers, Döhler America Latina, Thaifex, RainForest Organic Peru, Inka Crops, AgroWorld, Agrosa, Deiman México, Panes Y Palitos, Asiservy Ecuador, EZ Business, Viva La Papa!, Amazon Bastin Treasures, San Roque, GelaFruit, Multifood, Fructus Terrum and Aromas del Peru.

Expoalimentaria Peru Products1

Many opportunities!

As an exhibitor, Expoalimentaria Peru gives you the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit exportable goods through an unique international business platform;
  • Strengthen bonds with your regular customers and meet new potential clients;
  • Identify new strategic partners and forge new alliances;
  • Explore the latest industry trends and developments;
  • Launch new products/services and get professional feedback;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness;
  • And so much more!

Each edition, over 43,500 professionals visit the complex - don't miss this unique opportunity to expand your brand and make profitable business deals!