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oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Rimini, Italy

Zarattini & Giacomini

Zarattini & Giacomini is an exhibition booths building company created by experts 15 years ago. Nowadays, the company has a wide...

Rimini, Italy

Materia Grigia

Founded by experienced carpenters and decorators has been on the market for several years, offers a wide range of creative and practical...

Rimini, Italy

Alfad Allestimenti

Alfad is a company specialized in integrated settings and in related and complementary. Operational for more than ten years, has acquired...

Rimini, Italy

tsa tecnology srl

TSA Technology today and 'specializes in everything related to the world of LEDs. Ranging from information visually, with Full...

Serravalle, San Marino

Cryme Allestimenti

The "CarpenterCryme Allestimenti" stems from over twenty years experience in the field of wood, custom designed for our customers....

Misano Adriatico, Italy

Corrente Allestimenti

Corrente Allestimenti has been working successfully in the field of exhibition stand design for trade shows, events and retail since...

Cesena, Italy

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Upcoming trade shows in Rimini

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Rimini where you may need a stand:



  • Del al
  • Rimini Fiera
  • 1 month from now


  • Del al
  • Rimini Fiera
  • 4 months from now

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Big Industries in Rimini

Rimini is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is a city that is famous for its seaside resorts. These resorts are one of the key sources of business in Rimini. They bring a large amount of business into the city. Along with the resorts, the airline Air Vallée has made Rimini the home to its head office. Placing even more business in the city.

Business in Rimini

It is clear that with Rimini, tourism is huge. They have some of the most popular beach resorts in all of Europe.

Tourism is always a huge industry, but it can be hard to get noticed. Tradeshows are a great first way to put yourself into the industry. They allow you to learn the new ideas and see the new technologies of the industry. Why not be a part of the innovations happening in your industry? Don't just participate though, make yourself be noticed. We can help you do just that. Having a high quality exhibition stand will make you stand out from your competition at trade shows. Professionals will notice you putting in that extra step and will pay attention to it.

Rimini Exhibition Stand constructor

People want to work with other people who know how to showcase themselves. You certainly do not want to spend hours of your time looking through all the companies in your area's inventories. That's time you could be spending working on your business ideas. We already know the companies in your area and we have spent time working to understand their inventories.

Allow us to find the best stand for you. We will give you five proposals that are free of charge. We find these proposals with your budget and needs kept in mind. These stands will be the key for you to make a lasting impression on the rest of your industry. We hope to be hearing from you soon and we look forward to assisting you.

Upcoming Events in Rimini

Meeting for Friendship Among People

This event has the primary aim to bring together people of different faiths and cultures. It is becoming an international movement.


Tecnargilla is a trade show for ceramics technology. Leaders in the industry are present, ready to share their new ideas and technologies with other ceramic and building provider companies.

T&T Tende & Tecnica

T&T Tende & Tecnica offers everything to do with blinds and curtains. This trade show is highly specialized and has put itself right into the decoration, house and office industries.


TTI or Travel Trade Italia is an annual event with a focus on Italian national tourism. Industry professionals are present to learn new ideas and attend events.

SUN 2014

SUN is an outdoor lifestyle trade show. Many different attractions and conferences are present here, along with products of outdoor living being showcased.