Graphispag is an essential event for all audiences in the printing, innovation and multichannel communication industry. Open to knowledge, new products, solutions and synergies between professionals, this trade show is an absolute must for every company in the business.

If that's your case, Graphispag is the perfect launching pad for your new products & services. Join this expo and engage in real time conversation and add more of your company's personality and care to your image. We can introduce you to the best Stand Contractors in Barcelona and turn your ideas into reality!

Graphispab Hall Entrance


Graphispag covers the following categories:

  • Prepress: PDF-applications, computer-to-film systems, paper testing devices, exposure control devices, image viewing devices, filing equipment, drum scanners, slide scanners, fonts, gravure proofing machines, etc.
  • Printing: light boxes and cabinets, copiers black & white, measuring and testing equipment, screen making, digital offset presses, poster printers, plotters, etc.
  • Postpress & Paper Converting: roll cutters, shears, banding machines, counting equipment, drying equipment, guillotine systems, binding machines, cutting and milling machines, etc.
  • Paper and Printing Substrates: pulp board, mounting foils, canvas, screen making sundries, thermo sensitive papers, metal films, etc.
  • Inks and Consumables: varnishes, powdering materials, coatings, 3D printing consumable, etc.
  • Components and Infrastructure: modems, cable operators, local operators, interconnectivity, etc.
  • Sign & Display and PLV: frames for POS/POP, 3D routers, corporeal letters, LCD screens, etc.
  • Allied Services & Associations: manual and digital photographic laboratories.

Graphispag Standss2


3D Doodler, Apolan, Apet, Becker, AWT, Bacciottini, Canon, Brilor, Bobst, Bukana, Colorkey, Corvon, Castellana de Papel y Carton, Duplo, Durst, Doubletex, EasyBender, DTG, Cyklos, EPSON, Edale, Easymount, EFI, Elasticos Terminal Metalico, Gluedots, GCC Laserpro, Grafcut, Futura Displays, IJ Easy Print, Handtop, ImagePerfect, Keencut and Martin Miller are some of the brands you'll meet. Join them and establish valuable partnerships!


Why exhibit?

Graphispag enables you to:

  • Identify trends and get inspiration for your product innovations
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Interact face to face with skilled professionals and decision makers from all around the world
  • Explore business opportunities and meet new potential partners
  • Boost your company's visibility on a global scale
  • Take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities