Tekom Annual Conference is the largest global event and market place for technical communication. This unique conference is an absolute must for all companies that provide services and software pertaining to technical communication.


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Tekom Annual

Target Audience

The conference attendees are employed at industrial, software and service companies with their (current) focus on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. An ever growing number of visitors from other European countries and overseas add to the flair of the event. The event is enriched by a large number of students from different countries. A great plus is that, in addition to time attending presentations, adequate time for networking and exhibition visits is available.

The entire array of subject topics is offered, providing opportunities for experts in all fields to reach their audience. The Call for Papers before the event allows for presentations within the conference section.

Tekom Annual Conf Exhibition

Exhibition Sectors

Tekom hosts an incredible exhibition, where companies from all around Europe (and even beyond!), meet to present products and services related to technical communication. Here you'll find the following categories:

  • Services
  • Consulting
  • Editing Software
  • Software for Translation And Localization
  • Visualization Software
  • Management Software
  • Technical Software
  • Other Enterprises or Institutions

Tekom 2014 Print


In this Conference, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Content Strategies
  • Content design, organize and standardize
  • Information products - User Friendly
  • Develop and apply terminology
  • Optimize production processes
  • Visual design
  • Translation and Localization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Information Logistics

As you can see, Tekom represents an unique opportunity for you to network and establish profitable business deals with industry peers while expanding your knowledge and professional skills. Don't let Tekom pass you by! Apply for this amazing conference and take advantage of its unique opportunities!

Raquel Dias

Editorial Staff in neventum