Ankiros|Annofer is one of the world's most important trade fair for the foundry and metal industry. The show won an international reputation as the most important fairs and fastest growing among the metallurgical fairs in which national and international professionals are present every year.


If you're part of this industry, don't let this event pass you by! In order to participate, you just need to book a stand and start preparing your trip to Turkey! If you want to catch everyone's attention, it is always a good idea to invest in an attractive exhibition stand. Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll introduce to our best Stand Design Companies in Istanbul!

Ankiros Annofer



  • Melting plants and equipment.
  • Refractory technology.
  • Pouring equipment.
  • Melting materials and consumables.
  • Molding and core making material.
  • Heat treatment and drying.
  • Pattern and die making.
  • Representatives, Traders

Among the Iron and Steel production we have:

  • Plant and equipment for processing prime, charge and raw materials.
  • Metallic charge materials.
  • Plant and equipment for iron making.
  • Safety, environmental control, waste removal and recycling.
  • Industrial safety and ergonomics.
  • Research, consultation, planning, financing, services.
  • Iron and steel mills; turnkey installation, planning, construction, engineering.
  • Iron and steel products, etc.

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Akasel, ALD Vacuum Technologies, Antec-Ultes, Bendotti, Brondolin, Byelorussian Steel Works, Chemplex, Colenta, Cordex, Çelik Granül San, Danieli Henschel, Dürr NTD, Elmed Isotest, Elvatech, Federal Engineers, Finite Solutions, Fuji Film Dis Ticaret, Garant Filter, Innovatest Europe, Iritec Group, ISO-Tech Belgium, Luehr LMA, Metal Power Analytical, Misano SPA, New Sonic, Nol-Tec Europe, Oxford Libs, Pakistan Foundry Association, Pometon, Paul Wurth, Wi-Ko and United Process Controls are some of the companies/identities you may find.

As you can see, exhibitors come from the four corners of the earth; specially from Turkey, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Iran, Czech Republic, India, Macedonia, Canada, Belgium, United States of America, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and Denmark.


Why exhibit?

Participate and you will:

  • Interact face to face with thousands of key buyers;
  • Introduce new products/services to an expert audience;
  • Generate sales leads;
  • Launch new products and survey attendees about new projects;
  • Keep up on industry trends;
  • Discover the latest developments;
  • Increase your knowledge with skilled professionals;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness;
  • ... and so much more!

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