Interlift is the leading professional event for elevators, components and accessories. The fair is held biennially at Messe Augsburg and after several years it has become the perfect meeting point for elevator professionals, to show and exchange their ideas as well as discover the latest and innovative technology in the industry.

Interlift Exhibition Booth

The range of exhibits

  • Elevator plants and pre-fabricated components
  • Escalators and moving walks
  • Parking systems
  • Elevator components
  • Gears
  • Controls
  • Monitoring and safety systems
  • Elevator cabins
  • Elevator doors
  • Ropes, cables
  • Service and display elements
  • Hydraulics
  • Accessories
  • Trade journals and trade associations

Interlift Augburg

Some things you have to know to exhibit

Augsburg has some pretty strict rules regarding the treatment of waste, but don't worry, on the official site you will find everything about the house rules as well as other important information about the stands assembly and dismantling, prices and also refer to the design of the stand and say that "Exhibitors are obliged to design their stands in a tidy and careful manner". Contact with our experts and let them advise you to find the finest Munich's Booth Designers.

Interlift Exhibition Area

VFA Forum

Interlift Show

The international Trade Fair is widely acclaimed for its products and equipments, the place where business opportunities are discovered and where sales are generated. But also is a good place to learn and continue training. VFA Forum features a comprehensive programme with 45 experts from 12 countries who attend to discuss the main issues of the sector in order to fins new and efficient solutions. Among those key issues are:

  • New products and services
  • Standards and regulations
  • International markets
  • Qualifications for employees
  • Home lifts
  • Lift safety

All the lectures are translated simultaneously in English and German and the entrance is completely free. So don't miss this unique chance to learn and make business!

Silvia Olmo

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