Interbike is an annual exhibition held in Las Vega's glittery Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It is far more than a trade show; it is where manufacturers, retailers, media & more conduct the business of cycling.

By being the largest contributor of PeopleForBikes, Interbike is recognized as one of the largest supporters of the bike industry. It is a vital event for everyone involved in this sector.

Las Vegas Interbike Booth

Be part of Interbike!

If you're looking to succeed in the business of bicycles, plan to exhibit at Interbike. Here you'll be able to:

  • Reach the largest number of qualified retailers, buyers, and journalists from North America and beyond;
  • Attain direct market feedback on your products, designs and programs;
  • Build & improve relationships with new and existing customers through one-on-one marketing;
  • Display your brand and products to a global audience of 700+ journalists from the top trade and consumer media, magazines, websites, radio and television;
  • Promote your brand and innovative products to a captive audience;

This is an event for manufacturers, retailers, media and more conduct to the business of cycling. This is an open house for cyclists, and this is the biggest supporters for the bike industry, and in some way is said that this event change the world through cycling.

Interbike is in the social media network so you can like it on Facebook, Twitter, and more. At these social media you can be connected and updated about everything you want to now. This amazing event helps the attendees to utilize the show planner to make appointments with exhibitors, to find new brands and the latest trends and products.

Interbike Las Vegas

Last year Interbike had more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands, this is a particular way to connect with so many people involved in the bicycle industry.

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Interbike Exhibition Design

You can discover so many new trends and learn more about new business ideas. All the attendees from Interbike can have a view of all the exhibitions, they can have a previews from the new products. They can contact exhibitors directly pre-show, schedule appointments with exhibitors & attendees, find exhibitor show specials. This is an event you cannot miss.

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An international event

Interbike gathers some of the world's best companies, such as ACRO, BikeRoar, Body Glide, Lectric Cycles, Linus Bike, Orange Seal, Rubena Tires, Sony and Tannus. There's no better place to meet all the bike community under one roof!

Las Vegas Interbike Rider Exhibition

According to Interbike data, the fair has averaged about 700 exhibiting companies and between 18,000 - 24,000 total attendees, depending on the year. The show covers a total of over 300,000 net square feet (28,800 Sq. meters) of exhibition space.

Besides the trade fair, Interbike also includes:

  • Outdoor Demo: this event provides an outstanding opportunity for retailers and members of the media to ride and demo the products that they will be seeing and talking about.
  • Industry Breakfast: a hosted breakfast with inspirational speakers.
  • Industry Party: night of games, entertainment, free beer and friendly rivalry!
  • Cross Vegas: it is the biggest cyclocross race in America. Come and watch the cyclocross stars from over 15 nations compete against the best from the US.
  • IB Awards Night: Interbike's annual industry awards gala that celebrates the industry's success and innovation.
  • and plenty more...!

Besides being a great place to establish new partnerships and sell, Interbike is also an amusement event! Come by, meet hundreds of new clients and partners, and have fun throughout the entire process! In the end, is Las Vegas we're talking about...

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