Iberzoo pet’s international fair, is exclusively oriented to pet industry professionals. It is a required meeting point for all pet shops, where it is possible to reach the most prestigious companies in the market, along with the latest industry developments and products of greatest demand. It’s undoubtedly the best opportunity to establish new business and partnerships.

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Iberzoo Stand


  • Aquariums: tropical fish, aquariums, ornaments, lighting, ventilators, filters, pumps, heaters, plants, regulators, medicines, fish food, accessories.
  • Terrariums: animals for terrariums, terrarium ornaments, heating systems, lighting systems, food for terrarium animals, formulas and medicines, accessories.
  • Articles for cats and dogs: food, articles suitable for chewing, hygiene and beauty products, preparations and medicine, accessories.
  • Articles for small animals: animals, small houses and cages, special food, treatments, health and hygiene, preparations and medicines, accessories.
  • Outdoor equipment: pond fish, pond plants, pond liners, pumps, fish food, garden ceramics, pond treatments, pond accessories, bird protection, etc.
  • Articles for birds: birds, bird coops, aviaries and cages, seeds and food, suspensions and medicines, accessories.
  • Press and technical information
  • Design and services
  • Veterinary products and services
  • Fashion



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Iberzoo Barcelona

Reasons to exhibit!

Iberzoo is a great window to the Spanish and Portuguese markets for both companies from the Iberian Peninsula and from the rest of the world. The internationality of Iberzoo is accredited by the fact that 30% of its participants are foreign. As you can see, it is a great opportunity for you and your company to meet the ideal costumers and partners. Participate and you'll be able to:

  • Interact face to face with key buyers and decision-makers;
  • Introduce new products to an expert audience;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness;
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Survey attendees about new product ideas;
  • Find the latest industry trends;
  • ... and so much more!

Raquel Dias

Editorial Staff in neventum