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oBooths designs and build your exhibition stand wherever you are going to exhibit. We are an international stand constructor with workshops...

Helsinki, Finland


We have a dedicated and professional team that guarantees reliable and cost efficient participation in exhibitions. Based on longstanding...

Helsinki, Finland

ExpoEast Ltd

About Expoeast Ltd / Expoeast OyExpoeast Ltd is a Finnish based company made for providing reliable way turn key- event participation...

Helsinki, Finland


Services from Nykypuu Oy:Stand DesignStand DecorationStand ConstructionStand Set Up Countries where Nykypuu Oy works: Finland,...

Helsinki, Finland


The company "GarantExpo" provides a full range of activities for quality and professional organization of exhibition space anywhere...

St. Petersburg, Russia

European - Asian - Trading House

Наша компания является разработчиком 3D-дизайна и разработчиком выставочных...

St. Petersburg, Russia


LGROUP is the modern exhibition stands developer. We provide full support throughout the lifecycle of the stand - starting from the...

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Upcoming trade shows in Helsinki

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Helsinki where you may need a stand:



  • Del al
  • Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre
  • 4 weeks from now


  • Del al
  • 2 months from now

ESHRE Annual Meeting has become a truly international forum platform!

ESHRE is the annual meeting held in Helsinki to discuss all new clinical ans scientific ideas. A great forum platform for experts from all around the world not just to exhibit their latest products and projects but to benefit from all the sponsorship opportunities and exchange their knowledge with other colleagues of the field.

ESHRE annual meeting has become a truly international Show with delegates from Europe and what we call the emerging economies, including India or China. So if you are planning to exhibit to promote your company you are able now to book a booth space. And of course you will need someone to help you to get an amazing stand. Don't desperate and contact our experts in Trade shows to find the best Stand Buolders and Designers in Helsinki. You will receive for free five proposals that fits with your ideas and budget.

Eshre 2

Why exhibit at ESHRE?

  • Because of its international character with both European presence and emerging countries (India, China, ...)
  • The Show offerm any opportunities to mpromote your company, appart of exhibiting: sponsorship opportunities like company symposia, company sessions, congress app, poster sessions, advert on message screens, ...and more!
  • The Show stimulate participants to visit the exhibit by arranging complementary coffee and lunch breaks in the exhibit hall. Which is another way to promote your company!
  • ESHRE has established itself as the first and foremost society in reproductive medicine. So there is not a such platform to discover the latest trends and novelties in the field and brings together many experts from all around the world.

A comprehensive programme

The programme will consist of invited lectures by notable world-class speakers, selected communication free sessions, an exhibition and some discussion sessions and company symposia.

Abstract topics:

  • Basic science - andrology, early pregnancy, embyology, endometrosis, psichology and counselling, reproductive genetics and surgery, and more...!
  • Clinical science - andrology, early pregnancy, embyology, endometrosis, psichology and counselling, reproductive genetics and surgery, and more...!
  • Paramedical - laboratory and nursing.

If you want to participate, remember that authors are urged to carefully consider the list of topics before indicating the single most appropriate topic for their abstract.

Eshre Helsinki

Join Precongresses

Totally, thirteen precongress courses will be organised by ESHRE on a huge variety of subjects:

  • The multiple choices (sides) of IVF
  • Managing the difficult IVF patient: facts and fiction
  • The management of myoma in women wishing to preserve reproductive function
  • ART in 2020: the next frontier
  • Epigenetics: Connecting health to lifestyle and the laboratory
  • What happens in utero lasts a lifetime: a multi-disciplinary approach to improving preconception and early pregnancy care
  • Endometriosis – getting research from bench to bedside
  • The impact of exercise, sport and doping on human fertility
  • Genetics and epigenetics behind subfertility and reproductive system disease
  • Complex cases in infertility counselling: discovering new territories, implementing new techniques and creating new conversations
  • Academic Authorship Programme. How to survive peer review?
  • Procedure and technique for embryo transfer in humans
  • Eight technical innovations designed to improve reproductive outcome: promising or sobering facts?