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Your stand at Industrial IoT Europe

The Industrial IoT Europe promises to generate a new wave of technological innovation that is set to redefine the current digital landscape. Pioneering businesses are connecting complex, physical machines with first-class analytics to unleash a wealth of new insights that were never before possible. Companies are looking to leverage the Industrial IoT to reduce unplanned downtime, dramatically increase efficiency and ultimately open up a new era of economic growth.

This Summit will bring together forward-thinking companies to pave the way for the Industrial IoT revolution! If you're planning on joinning this community and exhibiting, contact us! We will introduce you to the best Stand Designers!



Bringing together the region’s most influential operational and business leaders from the Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy sectors in a unique platform that promotes discussion, networking and collaboration. Join this show and:

  • Get inspiration for your product innovations
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Interact and exchange ideas with skilled professionals and decision makers
  • Explore business opportunities and meet potential partners
  • Gain insights into the latest technologies and applications
  • Boost your company's visibility on a global scale
  • Take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities

Iot Europe Germany


Industrial IoT Europe has many influential companies as sponsors and partners. The list includes: DELL (which is the official sponsor), Amazon Web Services, Aeris, Oracle, IBM, SAP,, Crowd Reviews, IoT Council, Machanation, SimAlliance, IoTNow, Tractica, Connected Vehicle Trade Association,, MIND Commerce, Data Floo and WSN Buzz.

Industrial IoT Europe

Industrial IoT Europe From to

Hansepferd Hamburg: the equestrian trade show experience!

Hansepferd Hamburg is the ultimate equestrian trade fair! Joint his exhibition and meet over 45,000 trade visitors, present your new products and services to experts, and raise awareness about what you have to offer to the target group of riders and horse owners in the North to ensure your business success.

  • If you need a stand for this trade fair, contact us! Our team of experts in trade shows will introduce you to the best Stand Contractors in Hamburg. We'll make sure all your ideas turn into reality!

Hansepferd Hamburg Stands


Hansepferd Hamburg covers the following categories:

  • Equestrian sports/special accessories
  • Equipment, clothing and accessories
  • Food
  • Gift items and artwork
  • Horseshoeing, care and protection
  • Healthcare
  • Indoor/outdoor riding areas
  • Equestrian tourism
  • Transport, carriages
  • Dogs
  • And more...

Hansepferd Hamburg Internationale


ABC Impex, Acclaro Rossmayer, Agentur Trommler, Aorta, Art-Cuisine, Balimo-Advinova, Bamax, Big Pearl Riding Fashion, Cadmos Verlag, Cafe Tournee, Champ Pferdefutter Hauptgenossenschaft Nord, Albatross Sportswear, Albenisa, ceraTex, Denz Textilveredel & Werbebeschriftung,Rampelmann & Spliethoff, Rathje Betriebe Germany, Maria Durand and Masterhorse are some of the companies you'll meet in this exhibition. Join them - this a great opportunity to make new business ties and partnerships!

Hansepferd Hamburg Messe Stands


Most visitors to HansePferd arrive with an intention to buy and are willing to pay more for top quality. 78% have bought something at the fair or will do so subsequently. Further 14% stated that maybe they will buy something. As you can see, Hansepferd Hamburg is the ideal trade fair to generate sales leads and make profitable business deals. Don't miss the opportunity to meet over 45,000 targeted visitors!

Hansepferd Hamburg

Hansepferd Hamburg From to

  • Hamburg Messe
  • Hamburg, Germany

Aircraft Interiors Expo - your opportunity to create, connet & inspire!

Held in Hamburg, Aircraft Interiors Expo is a meet point for every company and expert in the aircraft industry! It is your opportunity to create, connect and inspire. If you provide innovative cabin solutions that help produce the all-important atmosphere for passengers, Aircraft Interiors Expo is the world's only place to engage with an exclusive audience of key aviation decision makers in the one place.

If you need a stand, contact our team of experts in trade shows. They'll introduce you to the best Stand Design Companies in Hamburg!

Aircraft Interior Expo Germany3

Product Categories

Here you'll find the following product categories:

  • Cabin Management Systems
  • Cleaning
  • Cockpit Doors
  • Design Studios
  • Environment Systems & Air Conditioning
  • Fasteners
  • Food Services & Related Equipment
  • Galleys & Galley Equipment
  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • Safety, Emergency & Security
  • Sound Proofing Equipment
  • OEMs & Aircraft Manufacturer
  • More...

Aircraf Hamburg Fair


Elixair, Airborne Server, Inflight Dublin, Cortina Leather, Eclipse, Aerostrut, FlightPath3D Moving Map, FlexFab, Radome Repair, 3M Deutschland, Ab-Tec, Botany Weaving Mill, Airworth Aerospace Industries, Aviosign BV, Boltaron, Bucher Leichtbau, Claredon, ComFly, Duracote Corporation, GEE, Gurit, Hanse Aerospace, KID Systeme, Karmann and L&L Products.

Aircraft Interiors Expo3

Who will you meet?

Aircraft Interiors Expo goes from strength to strength every year and is truly a unique place where the aircraft interiors industry meets to trade, meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof. Visitor job titles include:

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CCOs, CTOs, Chairmans, Owners, Presidents and Vice-Presidents.
  • Directors and Managers - Cabin & Design, Commercial, Operations, Brand & Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Engineering, OnBoard Products & Commodity , Product Innovation, IFE & Connectivity, Flight Operations, Pre-Flight & Inflight Products, etc.
  • Engineers - Design & Development, Fleet & Aircraft, Interior, Purchasing, Cabin, Technical Services, Avionics & IFE, Project, and Products.
  • Solution Architect, IFE System, Digital Strategy Developer, Brand Ambassador Specialist, Senior Researcher, Senior Buyer, Supervisor of Cabin Safety, Supply Chain Specialist, Purchaser and many more...
Aircraft Interiors Expo

Aircraft Interiors Expo From to

  • Hamburg Messe
  • Hamburg, Germany

The DIA Annual Euro Meeting is a a career-changing experience!

The DIA Annual EuroMeeting provides the premier platform to exchange ideas with thought leaders and to build your professional network. Bringing together key stakeholders from all around Europe, this event has become an absolute must for the European professionals! If you want to join DIA as an exhibitor, don't forget to contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with many incredible Stand Design Companies in Hamburg and we'd love to give you some guidance! Having a catchy exhibition booth is critical to stand out from the crowd!

Dia Annual Euromeeting

Why exhibit?

There’s no time like the present to ensure your brand gets on the spotlight! We invite you to take your brand, product or message to the next level by joining this elite trade show! Here you'll be able to:

  • Introduce new products and services to an expert audience;
  • Gain greater visibility for your company;
  • Benefit from an intense media coverage;
  • Build relationships with prospects;
  • Survey attendees about new projects;
  • Keep up on industry trends;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness,

... and so much more!

Dia Annual Euromeeting2

Who will you meet?

Here you'll meet visitors from several sectors, such as Industry (80%), Government (9%) and Academia (9%). The senior visitors are mainly:

  • Directors (38%)
  • Consultants (13%)
  • Managers (16%)
  • Senior Level Executives (11%)
  • Vice Presidents (7%)
  • CEO, Presidents (15%)
  • Others.

As you can see, this is the ideal platform to gather with industry peers and exchange ideas and projects with key-experts from many different countries. Don't wait any longer - apply today for an exhibition stand! EXTEDO, UBC, Pharmathen, Acurian, Tarius, Aris Global, Accenture and Universal Medica already confirmed their presence!

DIA Annual EuroMeeting

DIA Annual EuroMeeting From to

Check over 200 exhibitors who all put their best airline and rail items on display at WTCE

Check out the great deals and business opportunities for the airline and rail sector at WTCE. You are able to see over 200 exhibitors showcasing their new supplies, retailers ready to make deals and merchandisers that love to expand to new places. On top of all this, you will find more key experts in the field, all under one roof.

World Travel Catering Onboard Services Exhibition Design

Hanover is the place where you can be involved in the purchase of cabin interiors, in-flight entertainment, connectivity or passenger services. You can create or find new resources from over 500 companies and take advantage of the unrivaled networking areas.

World Travel Catering & Onboard Services

World Travel Catering & Onboard Services From to

  • Hamburg Messe
  • Hamburg, Germany

Seatrade Europe is where you can network with everyone in the sea industry

Seastrade Europe Fair is held in the most iconic city for the sea industry, Hamburg. As it has a long traditional history as a port city and biggest port city in Germany, this trade show is one of the biggest international cruise and river cruise fair. Showcasing worldwide cruise lines, regional and global cruise destinations, hundreds of exhibitors also present to us new destinations from around the world and their cool products.

Seatrade Europe Exhibition Area

Talk to shipbuilders, entertainment specialists, tour operators and many of the industry leaders. This key exhibition is where you can discover, meet, establish and network with exactly who you need, all under one place. Contact us for your stand designing needs. Our specialists will offer you the top five best options for you, free of cost. We want your presence at Seastrade Europe Fair to be superb.

Seatrade Europe

Seatrade Europe From to

  • Hamburg Messe
  • Hamburg, Germany

Book yout stand for the Aircraft Interiors Expo!

Aircraft Interior Expo is the leading aircraft interiors fair. Dedicated to the passengers experience, each area is about innovations in all kinds of aircrafts.

It will give you an inside look on cabin innovations, flight entertainment, passenger comfort and on-board technologies. Adding to a new section about hospitality and retail. There are over 800 airline buyers, 500 suppliers and 14,000 attendees. It will give you an excellent opportunity to cultivate already made business contacts and establish new ones.

Aircraft Interiors Expo Stand Boing Stall

Visitors will receive a lot of useful information on the main issues, such as the use of materials they are allowed to bring and space usage. There will be further concepts for interior design in all aircraft classes.

Great amount of exhibitors, innovative products, latest technology ... This is a must-go to event! Contact us to book a designer, builder or contractor for your stand. We will be happy to help you be a part of Aircraft Interior Expo in Germany.

Aircraft Interiors Expo

Aircraft Interiors Expo From to

  • Hamburg Messe
  • Hamburg, Germany
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