Gulf PCR aims at contributing to the advancement of education and information on existing and new technologies in the field of cardiovascular interventions in the Gulf region, Middle East and beyond. This course is for the cardiovascular community in the Gulf and Middle East region and reaches out to a wider international audience, to share and learn from the expertise in the Gulf and Middle East, and to stimulate regional projects.

Here you'll be able to join your peers in the “call for-based” sessions and activities. Your daily practice is that of many others! Express your views, understand the differences, be challenged and do challenge as well, and discover what you have in common. A unique way to benefit from each other’s skills and experience.

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Clinical Cases

Selected cases will be presented in either case sessions or in the Interactive Case Corner, where authors are invited to exchange views with other participants on a wide variety of topics, in a relaxed and friendly environment, and with guidance from on-site facilitators. The author of the best Clinical case of the year will receive an award. Gulf PCR's Board of Directors is interested in receiving submissions of clinical cases which correspond to one of the following categories:

  • Life-threatening complication during a coronary procedure
  • Life-threatening complication during a TAVI procedure
  • Life-threatening complication during a bioresorbable scaffold procedure
  • A case where OCT dramatically changed your decision
  • A case where IVUS dramatically changed your decision
  • ... others

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