Food Ingredients (Fi) South America & Hi is the largest and most inspiring resource of food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Held in Brazil, this event brings together the world's leading food and beverage buyers, R&D, business development and marketing specialists. It is the ideal place to:

  • find the most innovative ingredients that have been discovered in Latin America
  • expand your business relationships throughout Brazil and nearby countries
  • get more industry knowledge (by participating on the displays, seminars and tours)
  • explore the world's biggest producer of sugar cane and coffee

Fi Southamaerica

Be part of the show!

The Fi Show provides an amazing opportunity to have bird's eye view on trends, new developments and innovations. Be part of this exhibition and collect dozens of benefits. If you want to stand out, contact our team of experts in fairs. They will find you the most creative stand builders in Sao Paulo!

Here you'll be able to:

  • mix with great renown brands like Nestlé, Doce Amore, Carmi Flavors, Kraft, Danone, Brasil Foods, Friboi, Citrosuco and Naturex.
  • meet premier suppliers and buyers from all over Latin America
  • discover new ingredients and delicious combinations
  • learn about groundbreaking ideas and concepts
  • take advantage of many promotional opportunities that will increase your business' visibility

Visitor profile

A global audience of over 11,000 food professionals from more than 50 countries are expected to attend Fi South America. It includes a mix of multinational food companies and major local players like:

  • Researchers & food technologists
  • Food & beverage retailers
  • Suppliers and distributors
  • Consultants and quality inspectors
  • Managers from food and beverage manufacturing companies
  • Associations, institutes and universities
  • ... and many others

Speak, sponsor and partner!

Here you'll also have the chance to participate in an outstanding conference program. You can also become a speaker and stand head and shoulders above your competitors. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and stand out!

Participle in Fi's seminars and hear the strategic, research and development insights of companies such as Kraft or even Coca Cola. Take a look at this year's program and make sure you don't miss any opportunity to increase your wisdom!

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