The Emergency Services Show the leading UK annual event for all emergency services personnel, brings the sector together with the single aim of improving public safety. The Show reflects the importance the services are placing on finding new ways of working together for the mutual benefit of the individual organisations involved and for the benefit of the public they all serve.

Become an exhibitor!

If you're part of the safety industry, don't let The Emergency Services Show pass you by! In order to participate, you just need to book a stand and start preparing your trip to the United Kindom! If you want to catch everyone's attention, it is always a good idea to invest in an attractive exhibition stand. Contact our team of experts in trade shows and they'll find you the best Stand Designers in Birmingham

Emergency Services Show

Exhibiting Categories

The Emergency Service Show covers the following categories:

  • Business Services
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Detection & Monitoring
  • Emergency Planning Systems
  • Fire Safety
  • Communications
  • IT
  • Medical Devices
  • Vehicle Equipment
  • Training and Training Equipment
  • Protective Clothing and Uniforms
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Others...

Emergency Services Show Stands

Exhibitors at TESS

Join the Emergency Services Show and meet many influential brands and companies, including: Alternative Venues, Amazon Medical, Ambulance UK, Barrus EP, BBB Investments, Blizzard Protection, Rescue and Rescuem Rennicks, Jaguar Land Rover, Respirex International, RUD Chains, RuggON Corporation, Ruth Lee, Jolly Safety, National Grid, National Flood Forum, NABB Blood Bikes, Niton 999 Equipment and Sea & Sea.

Emergency Services Show1

A targeted audience

Visitors to the Show are looking for a huge range of products and kit. According to official statistics:

  • 33% of visitors are looking to PPE, protective clothing and uniforms
  • 29% of visitors are after training and training equipment
  • 51% of visitors want to buy vehicles and vehicle equipment

With over 6,000 potential customers under one roof (and ready to buy!), The Emergency Services Show should be the only event you exhibit at! Join this massive exhibition and get ready to...

  • Explore the latest developments and get inspiration for your product innovations
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location and generate sales
  • Interact face to face with skilled professionals
  • Explore business opportunities and forge new alliances
  • Gain insights into the latest technologies and applications
  • Boost your company's visibility on a global scale
  • And so much more...!

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