This amazing event is held at Gaylords Palms in Orlando, Florida. At SOHO Expo you can find many exhibition subjects as networking, exposure, build sales, education, tropical fun or boost profit.

Since 1971 Soho Expo has been produced by the Southeast Natural Products Association, a Non Profit Trade Association, and maintain the show in the industry. During the year the SENPA Regional Office works for months to provide its members an educational program and support as well as serving as a legislative watchdog.

In addition, the venue that hosts the show, brings world class restaurants, dynamic onsite recreation, and breathtaking stunning gardens under glass. The hotel was built in a sumptuous style with modern facilities and deluxe accommodation of a world renowned comfort hotel.

Reasons to participate

  • New products
  • Meet qualified retailers
  • Over 400 retail outlets
  • Two day expo
  • A first time exhibitor area
  • Exhibitors are about grocery, supplements, powdered food.
  • The program show can provoke the attention of every one; the explanations it brings are amazing.

At the route of Orlando International Airport to Gaylord Palm Resort you can find an efficient transport service. Remember that the show is not open to the general public, so the registration is required. Also in the official web site you can discover information about transportation and as well as all you need to know to make your registration.

To highlight your experience, make sure than you attend the show with the most amazing stand. We can help you to reach it as we know the best Orlando Booth Builders and Designers. Tell us your ideas and we will keep in touch with the suppliers that better fits your needs.

Soho Expo 2015

The natural products industry offer

Retail participants:

  • Businesses from all sizes - SOHO represents the entire industry
  • Buyers from qualified natural product businesses
  • Retailers and Exhibitors from all over the country

Exhibitors participants (among other):

  • Foods: Organic, non-GMO, gluten free, beverages, new products
  • Supplements including powdered and liquid
  • Health and Beauty
  • Brokers
  • Industry Related Publications
  • Industry Consultants

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