EuroTier is recognized as the world’s leading trade fair for animal production. Here, over 2,000 exhibitors from all around Europe (and beyond!) present innovations in cattle, pig and poultry husbandry and aquaculture.

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EuroTier gathers the following sectors:

  • Breeding animals, programmers, trade, reproduction, and technology.
  • Farm inputs.
  • Feed storage, feedstuff production.
  • Animal housing and shed construction.
  • Machinery and equipment for animal husbandry and feeding.
  • Controlled environment and environment technology.
  • Machinery and equipment for milking and cooling.
  • Machinery and equipment for dung, solid and liquid manure.
  • Transport vehicles, transport services.
  • Processing and marketing of poultry, eggs and fish.
  • Equipment, accessories and spare parts.
  • Management and consultancy services.
  • Bioenergy and decentral energy supply.

Eurotier Hannover Exhibition Stand Grounds

More than a fair

Besides the exhibition, here you will also find a large number of forums and discussion panels on topical questions connected with the husbandry of the individual animal species (Aquaculture, Poultry, Cattle, Pig, etc). The conferences usually revolve around subjects such as:

  • Animal Production in Easter Europe;
  • UE free trade negotiations;
  • Investment opportunities in specific countries/regions;
  • Young Farmers;
  • Investments in the agricultural sector;+
  • ... and so on!

Besides, the TopTierTreff (presentation of top cattle) is a must for all cattle breeders. The presentations of offspring groups in the main dairy and beef cattle breeds provide you with assistance in selecting the right top genetics for your own farm.

Stand Eurotier Hannover


Gathering about 2.000 exhibitors and 156.000 visitors, the EuroTier trade fair is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Reach the largest number of qualified retailers, buyers, and journalists from Germany and other European countries;
  • Attain direct market feedback on your products and programs;
  • Build and improve relationships with new and existing customers through one-on-one marketing;
  • Display your products to an expert audience;
  • Promote your brand and products;
  • Keep up on industry trends and innovations;
  • Position your brand and increase awareness;
  • ... and plenty more!

The EuroTier fair shapes the trends, technologies and innovations that change the industry for the next few years and as such it is no surprise that 95% of the attendees are seasoned trade visitors coming from over 110 countries, looking to extend their business partnerships and increase their products or international portfolios. If you're part of this industry, grab this amazing opportunity to expand your business and forge profitable deals.

Raquel Dias

Editorial Staff in neventum