Esxence pursues the objective of giving visibility to excellence, presenting the requisites of quality and coherence, which knows how to manifest great respect for the Art of Perfumery and its creativity. In addition, it is committed to welcoming other expressive forms of quality in fields such as, Home Fragrance, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Make-Up, which have creative and distributive affinities with Niche Signature Perfumery.

This exhibition represents a gathering of the most particular offerings in the sector. Each brand that aspires to access to Esxence as an exhibitor must comply with demanding parameters (for example, the brands must express quality and artistic characteristics as well uniqueness).

Esxence The Scent Of Excellence 2013


If you're part of this industry, don't let Esxence pass you by. It can definitely be a great opportunity for you and your company! In order to stand out, contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with thousands of Stand Booth Contractors in Milan and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs and budget!

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Here you'll find many incredible brands such as: Aimée de Mars Perfums, Castello di Ama, Codage, Bottega del Profumo, Eve & Daphnéé, Floris, Fragrance du Bois, Farina 1709 Eau de Cologne, Coquillete Paris, Les Perfums de Rosine, Miya Shinma, Min New York, Lise London, Kemi, Pierre Guillaume, Ren Skincare, Room 1015, Sinti Burgas, Sospiro, Atmospheric Perfumes, Parfum Sur Mesure, Ut Olet Vinum, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Sentifique, The Spirit of Dubai, Enzo Galardi, Castle Forbes...

Esxence Perfumes

Why exhibit?

Join Esxence and you'll be able to:

  • Identify new trends and get inspiration for your product innovations
  • Reach your entire target group at a single location
  • Interact face to face with skilled professionals
  • Explore business opportunities and meet potential clients
  • Boost your company's visibility on a global scale

Esxence is perfect for those who are interested in listening, in savouring aromas, in understanding and enjoying stories, anecdotes and creative decisions, in courageous innovations and distributive consistency. Join this show and get inspired!

Raquel Dias

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