Eco Expo Asia is the preeminent trading platform in Asia for green business. It is recognized as world-class environmental showcase, where the best protection solutions, technologies and products are presented to an expert audience.

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Eco Expo Asia Exhibition


Eco Expo Asia is the ideal place to find products, services and solutions related to:

  • Air Quality
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Environmental Protection Solution & Service
  • Energy Efficiency & Energy
  • Eco-friendly Products
  • Water Quality

Many companies like EcoSage Limited, Owerz Enterprises, Wing King Tong Printing, Kellon Energy Performance, Pegasus Corporate, ECO-Green Systems Limited, Cinotech Solutions, Climatop, Cnhomeland Environmental Co, Diesoil Engineering, Echologists, EcoRite Environmental Products, XCOOP, ZeroCon, Robin Energy Limited and AppleOne Solutions choose Eco Expo Asia to showcase their products and services! Be part of this outstanding community and forge new partnerships!

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Reasons to exhibit

By participating, you will be able to...

  • find the latest machines and technologies
  • find solutions and creative ideas that will inspire your business
  • learn with experts from all around the world
  • expand your brand on a global scale
  • find new costumers
  • create partnerships with international brands
  • explore the Asian market

And take advantage of many sponsorship opportunities (such as: Eco-friendly Bag Sponsorship, Giveaway Sponsorship and participate in the New Product Launch Forum).

Ecofairasia Hongkong


Last year, Eco Expo Asia gathered more than 10 000 buyers (delegations, companies and delegates). The fair is visited by professional buyers from China (56%), other Asian countries (24%), Europe (9%) and North America (3%). According to official statistics, these buyers are mainly interested in:

  • Eco friendly products (21%)
  • Energy efficiency and energy (13%)
  • Waste management and recycling (12%)
  • Air quality (10%)
  • Environmental project solutions and services (10%)
  • Green building solutions (8%)
  • Water quality (7%)
  • Environmental protection services and research (7%)
  • Among others...

Make eco Expo Asia a green spotlight. It is expected that the visitors can contribute and respond to the environmental protection to make in this way the Eco Asia a green spotlight.

Raquel Dias

Editorial Staff in neventum