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1.      Who are we?

We are family company that is working in field of construction of exhibition spaces in fairs across the Europe. Our company is based on experts from different fields geatherd together to create quality product that everyone like.

Think that distinguished us is high motivation for achiving quality offer on world market and wish to grant even so complex wishes.


2.      What do we offer?

We offer construction of highly quality exhibition spaces made of wooden materials. Mostly we use refined chipboard (or preefab), our product can also be made from any other wooden material. If client wont we can combine wood with some other material.

Our services are:

·         Help with developing idea for exhibition space

·         Design in 3D look

·         Choosing right materials

·         Printing of graphics

·         Renting furniture (chair, table, fridge, coffee machine, lights, etc…)

·                                                                                                                Transport of material on fair

·                                                                                                                Construction of exhibition space

·                                                                                                               Lighting

·                                                                                                             Final cleaning

·                                                                                                           Dismantling of exhibition space after the show

·                                                                                                            Transport of your material on fair




At planning of exhibition space you can pick with our help what flooring is most suitable for you.

You can pick from different carpets, laminates, refined chipboard or you can pick something that nobody else has.


 Ø             Walls

If you choose our company, your exhibition space will be made out of refined chipboard. We use that material because it is highly quality and exhibition spaces that are made out of it are highly attractive an sophisticated or if your desire is it can be playful because we can get it in almost all colors. We mostly use white or black, but you do not to stop at classic. We can go further.

 Chart of refined chipboard (preefab) in colors.


Chart of refined chipboard in wooden colors.

Ø  Furniture

We have different furniture that we will present to you when we will designing detail plan of your exhibition space. You can chose in variety of tables in different colors, chairs, bar tables and chairs, club tables. You can also pick refrigerator for storage room, caffee machine, newest LED and LCD TV, DVD players and many other things.

In case that we do not have furniture that you want, we can get it on base of our deal.


Big and very important part of presenting your product or service or company are lights. With them we can hide something or put it in focus. We offer variety of different lights. Mostly used are integrated lights, focus lights or lights for illumination of graphics. Our designers put lights already in 3D design on spots that highlight your product or service that you are presenting.



For neads of presentation on fair we can produce graphics material for exhibiting space. They can be printed on forex, tekstile, sticker, wallpaper or any other material. Graphics are final touch in your exhibition space.


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