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TSA Technology today and 'specializes in everything related to the world of LEDs. Ranging from information visually, with Full Color LED Display for outdoor use (even with very high resolution Totem) and internal (with the new Pr10 Flexible Indoor that allows you to make thin and pliable structures up to 360 °), going on with a complete range for decorative use, street lighting, LED spotlights (to illuminate museums, monuments, hotels, cartellonistiche) for greenhouse cultivation (with two types of ceiling and UFO), until you get to the simple LED bulbs (type: bulb , candle, neon - T8 tubes, dichroic also dimmable lamps), the latter, they replace the traditional incandescent bulbs or low power consumption lamps, thanks to the common bases (E27, E14, GU10 and MR16 GU5.3) and guarantee in residential buildings, industrial buildings , large shopping centers, offices, hotels, etc.., the maximum energy saving, of 'luminous efficiency, respect for the environment without forgetting that they are also cut down maintenance costs.

TSA Technology proceeds with its innovative ideas at the technological forefront in compliance with all regulations regarding the preservation and respect for the environment: CE, RoHS, Law on light pollution 39/2005, the total reduction in CO2 emissions and energy saving; fostering the spread of a versatile and exceptionally applicable in all fields.

The international economic crisis has definitely had a slowing effect of this development, but the relationships in terms of costs / benefits of this technology are so strong that it can also growth in the short term and with a strong push. The factors of energy saving, low environmental impact of simplicity 'management and low maintenance costs, all play in favor of the LED.


We walked the years of cathode ray tube TV's, 1990 and we had already the will to direct our work towards a horizon of business capable of creating profit, implicitly creating a collective benefit, an utility widespread enjoyed by everyone, for everyone. So we made i.T. Telematic Information, a column dedicated to the territory, new for those times in technology and design, intended to be an information point telematics, tourism and trade.

We like to push investment and research beyond the boundaries of simple, albeit important creativity ', to give life to specific projects and absolutely tangible.

With the territory, to the territory, so socially responsible.


Open: being open means being honest and show that you have faith in people, that we take into account making sure that everyone feels that they belong to the group.

If you give confidence, you get confidence, whether partner or colleagues. And 'the ability' to be honest with each other, to speak bluntly with clarity and loyalty '.

Positive: we have chosen to be positive, to look at things in a sparkling, building enthusiasm, doing our job with passion, if we make encouraging, positive, vibrant and serene atmosphere in which we work, we will feel more stimulated. If we feel more stimulated, so do our customers.

Human: human beings and value of our business as the accent and place on the person. Companies tend to follow the instructions written on the manual, but not men, are not perfect and do not need to be perfected. Greater will be our understanding of human beings, the greater our successes.

Simple: in our business we deal with unique technologies and opportunities exceptional, but our task and' what do we make astonishingly simple for both customers and ourselves. To be truly simple means to be resolute, translate what 'and not' really important, retaining only what 'and that'. This philosophy applies to products and services, so 'as to the management of human resources, to our communication style and the way we interact.

Creative: just getting an idea and see how it could become really useful is a creative thing. It does not mean to complain but provide fresh ideas, different, better, in an environment that encourages creative thinking and does not repress. Obviously a creative way down to work separately and with style.

Enthusiasts: the best companies are run by people who are passionate about their work. We can not force a person to have passion, but if we act in a simple, creative, human, positive and open, with passion, that there will be 'help.


The series of TSA LED SPORT was designed taking into account all the elements that ensure a fast and maximum return on investimenti. The exclusive and angled position of the LEDs interacts with the inclined base making it suitable for different scenarios of construction, ensuring a perfect balance between the vision of the audience and in the recovery room.

The robust design and quality of components provides 100,000 hours of use in any interior / exterior, fixed or mobile.

Brightness, contrast and color are reflected in a significantly improved text more clear and sharper images. The soft front panel masks, replaceable and anti-shock, protect the LEDs from accidental blows, without putting at risk the players in case of collision.

The high efficiency of the components extends the life of the display, produces less heat, greatly reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption. The electronics generates high frequencies, providing an overview of the contents free from flickering or flashing from any source visual.

Thanks to the experience acquired by excellent facilities in the field of LED display for sports use, such as Catania Soccer, Volley Modena, Volley Pesaro and important partnerships with the best companies in the Sponsor Management industry, TSA is the ideal partner to provide perimeter solutions sports digital.

Market research shows that television audiences and 'four times more' inclined to remember a brand seen on the perimeters digital sports fields seen on display compared to a stationary or rotating.


The LED Identity series identifies our production insignia dynamics. They are a very effective visual appeal, which is essential to always be present and report their presence to customers.

TheLED Identity signs guarantee, compared to the old static signs or backlight, more SHINE, more COLOR, more INTERACTIVE, therefore more VISIBILITY.

The LED Identity line (interior and exterior) proposes a series of "customized", with default size and technical-functional characteristics, as the possibility for it to be made ​​"ad hoc" and then tailored to the satisfaction of specific needs.

LED Identity also has a MONOCHROME and Tricolor RGB range of signs, for the realization of MONO andTRICOLOUR LED signs for more simple applications and economic relation to the costs of realization.




All TSA TECNOLOGY products are rigorously tested and certified directlyby qualified Test Laboratories of international level. A further test is also carried outat our headquarters, to provide greater assurance to the customer.

TELEPHONE:    0549941335

E-MAIL:   tsa@tsa-tecnology.com

SITE WEB:   www.tsa-tecnology.com

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