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E 'born with experience, Mostre e Fiere. E 'born in Turin pioneers of advertising in the thirties. E 'born in the strict sense in the roaring sixties era unequaled enthusiasm and an increase in trade fairs and cultural events. It 'started with a simple idea, then almost unknown, or turnkey service: to think, design, engineer, build, pack, ship, assemble, disassemble, store. A vocabulary of doing that no one had yet written in an organized and structured.

Mostre e Fiere is born with businesses that events, communication, interaction with the public gave weight: is the case of Fiat, for example, with which Mostre e Fiere still continues to travel the world to lounge in the living room.

E 'born with culture: that of Parisian artists, architects friends and collaborators, including famous ones, the superstars of the past.

From that first day I changed the materials, market scenarios, construction techniques, technologies, machines. Have changed location: not only fair, but also the temporary store, stores, museums, cultural exhibitions, events, one-shot. It has not changed the profile of Mostre e Fiere, being partners across the board in the field of the exhibition, its offer turnkey around the world for the most important Italian and international companies.

It has not changed the desire to want to do their jobs well. By all, by the founder of the last arrived. For this training has a particular focus, a real factor in the development of the Mostre e Fiere.

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