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Neventum’s service saves me a lot of time. The agencies contact directly with me and I decide which one best fits my needs. All with the added value that they are recommended by Neventum.

Christopher Baum

Services from Morex Construction

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  • Stand Construction

Countries where Morex Construction Works

  • Turkey

Since 2003, Morex Construction has been making special stands for especially Turkish companies in Russia and since 2007 we have our own workshop in Moscow. In foreign countries and especially in Moscow, to participate in the fair with a special stand, both the transport and logistics, the need and cost of the difficulty of finding skilled workers, as well as the permissions that are necessary causing high costs to the exhibitors.

Morex, produces the stands in it's place with it's own workers and therefore makes it possible to minimize exhibitor's spending in this regard.

Besides production, installation, labor and services, Morex Construction can design your stand adhering to a drawing upon your request or  completely design from a scratch according to your needs.

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