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I want to say Thank You to neventum team for the awesome work that they have done for us. Only with their help was I able to build a magnificent stand.

C. Brown

Services from Junkuo International Expo

  • Stand Design
  • Stand Lighting
  • Stand Construction
  • Stand Set Up
  • Designer Stand

Countries where Junkuo International Expo Works

  • China
  • Spain

Junkuo international is a professional exhibition service company in the global brand creative marketing services providing designs, conference services, advertising creative, image planning, creative service hall, etc. 

For the global exhibition marketing services is apply the cultural creativity as the core with multimedia presentation technology, such as 3D and holographic technology. 

For the planning creativity there is take as principal de innovation with standardized process oriented, top technology: VR,AR, interactive experience and multimedia integration.


Junkuo international has presence among Germany, the United States, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Brazil, China, by building ta team and providing a service industry chain integration.

Customer needs is the priority. The team is conformed by professional and efficient people that daily work to ensure customer satisfaction.

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