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because at Guls Studio, we have the expertise, experience and efficiency to provide innovative solutions to support your marketing and communication requirements.

§  Guls Studio helps you to organize memorable events through a conceptual Event Management Strategy that express the event identity and design.

§  Guls Studio assists you to make your Exhibition & Expo a Sure crowd puller with our imaginative live promotion tools and creative machines.

§  Now you can steal the show and capture the limelight with our eye-catching Exhibit/Stall Design & Construction.

§  Also Avail our new Rental Exhibit offer that allows you to rent our customized exhibits on the contractual basis annually.

§  Ensure your participation worldwide with our Export Exhibit delivered to your next show in transport casing specially designed for reduced shipping costs.

§  Take the Center Stage & Set fabricating skills for breathtaking outdoors & indoors sets.

§  With our natural flair for corporate & home Interior Designing, We create the elegant magic for you through our team of expert designers & architects.

§  Explore & world of precision and style with our modern day as well as antique Furniture & Handicraft creations to suite both your home office needs.

§  Feel the expression of excellence with our Export Products that include antique furniture, wooden & marble handicraft and much, much more.

§  Make a stunning impact through our Promotion Merchandise that offers Customized POP’s, unique mementos and giveaways.


Guls Studio Company Introduction:

Guls Studio is No.1 exhibit designing company of Pakistan with over 15 year experience of industry and is very rightly proud to serving more than 500 clients from different industries. Exhibitions play a major role in increasing awareness, selling the products and advertising the products, services and co-corporate brands to a large number of visitors in a very short period of time. Therefore exhibition stalls designing is a major factor in the overall marketing and sales strategy of any product. Guls studio has introduced the revolutionary idea of making the purpose built exhibition stalls at rental and then use them in following exhibitions after paying a rental cost unless one opt to change the design and manufacture a new stall.

Guls studio designs stall at its factory to keep clients free from all worries. It provides the following advantages.

1.       Ensure quality of work.

2.       Avoid of un-systematic work at venue.

3.       To see the color combination of the stall before exhibition.

4.       Slate of brand at proper place.

5.       Display of the products well in time before Event.

6.       Alteration of slight defects.

7.       To see the stall and get satisfy.

8.       To keep the client and the company safe from any problem.

The good work is called team Work. The manager who monitors the fabrication of stall is made responsible for any defect. So it is important to select the professional, literate and good in execution vendor for 100% delivery. Team work is always the best work. Guls studio has recently announced “Corporate Clients Membership Benefits Plan”. This unique program has been designed to provide Guls studio regular and new clients a bunch of complementary services including free layout plan, Free 3d Views and free Estimation and many more, after get in to member’s club client can enjoy the real peace of mind. Guls Studio is a trend setter and will continue to do something individual to keep its unique position in the industry at the best service provider

Guls Studio is a big name in event management and ambiance designing industry of Pakistan. Its professional attitude has earned great fame and trust for it and clients rely on its understanding and reliable services.

Guls studio has generated many satisfied customers and offer great brand values for money. Focus group surveys analysis further confirms that Guls Studio is a respected name in exhibition stall designing industry sector and has got approx.  90 percent points in “Quality” ,” reliability” and 85 percent points in “affordability” and “availability “attributes ratings. Guls studio is committed to bring excellence in the industry with its valuable ideas to serve its client more effectively. Guls Studio has now started its overseas operations and is bound to become the mastermind by converting ideas into reality with its innovative capabilities.

Gulzar Mughal Company MD Introduction:

Muhammad Gulzar Mughal, born in 1967, in shahdadpur, sindh is an invincible force driving Guls Studio in the marketplace today. Guls studio is seen as a top –notch full service Exhibition & Designing Stand Building and Event Management Company in Pakistan.

In the past 10 years, Muhammad Gulzar Mughal has demonstrated exceptional talent and skills in making Guls Studio as a trendsetter in the field of Event Management. Prior to Guls Studio, Customers used to make their own stalls, dismantle them and then send them to the warehouse, facing much inconvenience and hassle. Guls Studio changed things for the better-naming the new trend Exhibition Stand Rental Trend.

Today due to Muhammad Gulzar Mughal’ relentless efforts Guls Studio has become the pioneer in the field of events and exhibition. He has been activity involved in introducing several new concepts and ideas, including the rental packages, furnishing 5000 rental exhibits to 500 major clients.

Mr.Mughal’s work has been characterized by excellence in Exhibition Design, construction, Expo Ambiance & Decoration services. As a brand scientist, Mr. Mughal made Guls Studio a market leader and banch marked in events management in Pakistan. Mr. Mughal believes that while Guls Studio’s client frequently win best-show awards, their real success is seen in the new business that they generate and behind the scenes, it is Guls Studio’s continuous work towards new ideas and new concepts for the client’s success.

Muhammad Gulzar Mughal should also be accredited for introducing various plans and packages designed at facilitating the clients towards making their campaigns more successful and efficacious. One of such plans has been the “Corporate Clients Membership Benefits Plan”. This unique program has been designed to provide regular and new complementary services including the free layout Plan. Some of the most prominent life-time achievements of Mr.Mughal include the brand of the year Award 2009; The 10th year official stand builder of all Mega Exhibitions in Pakistan; rental Trend Setter in Exhibition industries, accomplishing various events such as Ambiance Trend Set in Expo Centre; Stall Rental Packages Introduce In Market; Pamper World Largest Display at Makro Storage Karachi; making history with P&G Safeguard; 200000 Soaps Display at Metro Lahore and many more.

What is noteworthy is that Muhammad Gulzar Mughal, who hails from a rural town in Sindh, was able to accept the challenges as well as the opportunities that were ahead of him in his journey towards success. He was instrumental in promoting Guls studio as a brand activity focused on Event management dynamics and on earning increasing numbers of customers. This foresight coupled with sensing the need for quality and innovation was one of the key ingredients to reach new heights.

Guls Studio Services Offer:

§  Exhibition Stall Designing & Fabrication

§  Ambiance Creation

§  Event Management

§  Interior Designing

§  Wooden Platform

§  Glass Platform with lights

§  Acrylic Platform with lights

§  Ply Wall with color

§  Aero Bond Wall

§  Flex Wall

§  Conference Room Setup

§  Wooden False – ceiling

§  Product Display Window / Unit

§  Branding Panel

§  Reception Counter from wide range

§  Fabricated Sculptural Elements

§  Mural & Special Effects

§  PVC, LED, Glass Display Signage

§  Vinyl / Flex Graphics Printing

§  3D Lettering / Light Boxes

§  Audio Visual System (Plasma, LED screen, Sound & etc…)

§  Light Effects (Like LED / Parken / Spot light & etc…)

Guls are the industry leader in the exhibition stall fabrication and installation of just about any scale of custom built project, exhibits and displays.

All our construction work done is in our factory, so as to ensure successful outcomes. Building materials used in all our projects to exacting and high quality Fabrication standards. We ensure the efficient use of materials and labor to maximize budget restrictions, while retaining quality and reflect your highest standards.

All work is undertaken by our trade-experienced work force. We have undertaken projects at all major venues and exhibition centers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, France, UK and Germany.

Guls Studio Exhibition Official Ambiance Design from 2001 to 2012:

Guls Studio has been Official Ambiance Designer for the last 10 years (from 2001 to 2012) Every 9 out of 10 Exhibitor’s Official Ambiance Designs belongs to Guls Studio. Many thanks to Almighty ALLAH for granting this creditability.

Guls Studio Exhibition Official Stand Builder from 2001 to 2012:

Guls Studio has been Official Stand Builder for the last 10 years (from 2001 to 2012) Every 9 out of 10 Exhibitor’s Official Stand Builders belongs to Guls Studio. Many thanks to Almighty ALLAH for granting this creditability.

Infrastructure Setup with Storage Facility Aprox. 200,000 sqft:

At its factory, Guls Studio stores customized stalls of the 500 Clients. On re-rental the customized design, our clients’ participant in the exhibition by controlling their budget.

Clients get rid of dealing with their vendors again and again. Tension free and with full confidence the Clients focus on activity to achieve the target provided by their management in the exhibition.

Beside this, many renowned Blue chip multinationals, Pharmaceutical, Financial Institutions, Construction & Real Estates Groups, FMCG’s and many ‘FORTUNE 500’ companies are among our prestigious clients. (Details can be seen on our website ).

We have our own manufacturing facility on 200,000 Sq ft in Karachi-Pakistan, with large number of inventory of Raw & Finish materials used in stand/Ambiance building, giving us a clear edge on the competitors of the industry.

As per our expansion plan, we are approaching you and offering you to be our strategic partner in Far East i.e. in Malaysia & Singapore to cater our clients there Vice Versa.

Our proposed joint working terms are:

If Guls Studio-Pak will procure any business or secure client for all over the Pakistan & GCC countries will be forwarded to your end. As our as a strategic partner you will get 100% of billing amount from the client & forward to GULS STUDIO for the execution and we will get 15% for you pay as a agency commission.

Available Inventory’s in Storage for your Event on Rental Basis:

§  Custom Exhibition Stands Packages

§  Modular Exhibits Stands Rentals Packages

§  Prefabricated Exhibits Rentals Options

§  Grid Structure

§  Double Decker Exhibits Stands for Exhibitions

§  Mall Events Ambiance Setup

§  Expo Exhibition Ambiance Setup on Rental Basis

§  Mall Activity Kiosk Rental all over Pakistan

§  Floats Rentals 

§  Palate Display Setup for In store Activity

§  Thematic Ambiance Setup Modification


Guls Studio Stand Building from 2001 to 2012 with Rental & Re-rental Trend Setter in Pakistan:

During the past 15 years, Guls Studio has made a lot of Trend set in the field of Event Management Industry. So we say we are Trend-Setter. Out of this, we made a Trend in exhibition industry. Its name is Exhibition Stand Rental Trend. Before this practice the clients made their stall at own, dismantle and then sent to their warehouse. For this process the clients have to face many problems. Now Guls Studio finished such procedure.

Today Guls Studio has the position of Pioneer in Event & Exhibition Industries. Guls Studio has introduced several Rental Packages. We have launched Rental Exhibit in the year 2003. By the grace of Almighty Allah Guls Studio furnished 5000 Rental Exhibits to 500 major Clients from 2001 to 2012.

Guls Studio Top Clients from 2001 to 2012:

* Emirates Airlines           * PIA Airlines           * P&G          * Karachi Chamber of Commerce                           * CEMS Pakistan               * Mobilink               * United Mobile           * Samsung           * Kenwood                    * Suzuki Motors                * Hyundai                * Dewan Motors          * Tapal Tea          * Axact                                       * Pakistan Airlines (PIA)   * LU Biscuits Pakistan          * LG                 * JVC          * K.E.S.C.          * PTCL          * Rufi Builders                    * Tessori Jewelers               * Hamdard Laborities           and many more……..

Guls Studio Successful Projects from 2001 to 2012:

§  Guls Brand Festival 2010.

§  Spring Home Expo 2010.

§  Summer Carnival 2010.

§  Winter Phone Extravaganza Family Festival 2010.

§  IDEAS 2004.

§  International Housing Industry Exhibition 2005.

§  Textile Asia 2005.

§  DAWN Life Styles Exhibition 2006.

§  KEEF 2006.

§  Expo Pakistan 2006.

§  Health Asia Int’l Exhibition & Conference 2007 to 2010.

§  Muslim BIG Gala 2007.

§  Akber Alam Benefit Match 2008.

§  IDEAS 2008.

§  ITCN ASIA 2008.

§  Build Asia 2008.

§  IPEX.


§  Express Family Festival 2009.

§  Pantene Pak Tower.

§  Axact Team Meet 2010.

§  Ariel World’s Largest Kurta.

§  Head & Shoulders Bottle.

§  Global Hand Wash Day.

§  Safeguard.

§  Launching Ceremony of Suzuki Liana.

§  Suzuki Plant Extension.


Guls Studio Product Lunching Events:

§  Ariel Washing Ad

§  Head & Shoulders bottle

§  Rufi Downtown

§  Suzuki Plant Extension

§  Pantene Pak Tower Lunching.

§  Suzuki Liana Lunching.

§  Rufi Car Display Lunching.

§  Keef 2006 Lunching.

§  Rufi Ramadan Festival

§  LG Shine stall at ITCN

§  POF Gun Lunching


Guls Studio Event Management Projects from 2001 to 2012:

§  Ariel World’s Largest Kurta.

§  Head & Shoulders Bottle.

§  Global Hand Wash Day.

§  Safeguard.

§  Launching Ceremony of Suzuki Liana.

§  Suzuki Plant Extension.


Team Meet Events:

Axact Team Meet 2009

Guls Studio has become the pioneer in the field of Team Meet events and exhibition & ambiance setup. Guls Studio designed by marvelous and beautiful event ambiance setup for Axact Team Meet 2009 at Expo Centre Karachi and managed the whole arrangements for this event and makes the wonderful night.


Axact Team Meet 2010-11

Guls Studio has also arranged & manages the event for Axact Team Meet 2011 at PAF Museum Karachi. Guls Studio executes the whole ambiance setup and arranged the sitting setup & dinning setup for Axact Team Meet 2011.


Banch Mark World Records Events, Event Management:


By managing the marvelous event “The World’s Largest Kurta” measured by SGS Pakistan as 101 ft. long and 59.6 ft. wide. Consisting approx 800m high quality fabric, kurta created in own ware house and hanged on huge 125 ft. high iron frame with 7 long armed crane support at Pakistan Sport Board Ground Opt. Karachi National Stadium with very colorful event ceremony. By the grace of Almighty Allah Guls hardworking team brought to success and achievement, that was applauded by enormous viewers.


P&G Pakistan & Guls Studio’s making history at Metro Karachi for Ariel Largest Pyramid product display. Dimension of Pyramid is 60’ wide, 60’ length & 60’ tall and total weight of structure is 150 tons. By the grace of Almighty Allah Guls hardworking team brought to success and achievement, that was applauded by enormous viewers.


Guls made the World’s Largest Safe Guard Soap Display on 36 hours short notice only for Procter & Gamble (Pakistan). This display was arranged at the parking area of Metro Lahore. 200000 Safe Guard Soap were displayed on approx 200 pilots. Guls Studio also made the 2nd World’s Largest Safe Guard Soap Display at Metro Lahore Pakistan 400000 Safe Guard Soap were displayed on approx 400 pilots. The weight of soaps was in tons. Hand washing setup was also arranged, by the grace of Allah, the Event Management team made it possible for Guls to achieve success in such project in making the World Record. Really we are thankful to Almighty Allah for its successful completion in a very short time.


Guls made the Largest Pamper Display on 36 pilots Makro Star Gate, Karachi. Approximately 15,000 Pampers were displayed for the public for a period of one month at Makro. Thousands of peoples appreciated and bought the Pampers. Event Management Department of Guls Studio executed the design. It was World’s third record event that was managed and executed by Guls for P&G.


Guls created World’s Largest Head & Shoulders Bottle which height was 20 ft. not only created the bottle but also carried out over all event management. A marvelous and beautiful event ambiance was designed by Guls 20 ft. bottle icon has been covered with high-drip on the big stage and unveiled after in augural addresses. Follow & spot lighting was creating wonderful impact inside and the whole surrounding, at the end of launching, colorful fireworks set off that was really fantastic.

IDEAS Defense Exhibition 2004 to 2008:

Serving over 350+ clients ‘Guls Studio’ has executed many award winning exhibition Stands locally & internationally and are ‘official Stand Builder’ for almost all the leading exhibitions specially ‘International Defense Exhibition IDEAS in Pakistan.

Guls Studio’ is servingInternational Defense Exhibition’ (IDEAS) event, since its inception and were official stand builder for IDEAS-2008.  In IDEAS-2008 ,we were responsible to built Seminar Ambiance, City Ambiance, Expo Center Ambiance, Inauguration & Registration Areas, Gala Dinner and company’s stands of Pakistan Ordinance Factory, DGMP, Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, TISAS,USAID,TEKSAV,GATE Electronics, THALES, People Steel Mills, PIA ,which were executed at high level of satisfaction to DEPO and to the individual clients.


Clients Recognition from 2001 to 2012:

§  Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

§  Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd.

§  Dewan (Pvt) Ltd.

§  Tapal Tea (Pvt) Ltd.

§  Express Family Festival 2009.

§  Pakistan Airlines (PIA).

§  Qarshi Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

§  Nestle Pakistan Ltd.

§  Dawlance Pakistan Ltd.

§  Cems Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

§  KEEF 2006.

§  Oriental Media Links.

§  Womenza 2008.


§  SUZUKI Launching Ceremony 2008.

§  Ariel Pakistan.

§  Head & Shoulders Pakistan.

§  Safeguard Pakistan.

§  Pampers Pakistan.

§  Prince Biscuits Pakistan.


Dawn Life Style Exhibitions for 2001 to 2011:

9 0ut of 10 clients & approx. 32 Major Brands trusted Guls Studio for the Designing and Execution of their stall on turnkey solution basis.


ITCN ASIA Exhibitions for 2001 to 2011:

9 0ut of 10 clients & approx. 15 Major Brands trusted Guls Studio for the Designing and Execution of their stall on turnkey solution basis.


Build Asia Exhibitions for 2001 to 2011:

9 0ut of 10 clients & approx. 12 Major Brands trusted Guls Studio for the Designing and Execution of their stall on turnkey solution basis.


Guls Studio Brand Awards & Brand Scientist 2009 to 2010:

“By the Grace of Allah” Guls has been awarded one of the most acclaimed Brand of Pakistan. Brands Award Council of Pakistan has instituted a special honor by awarding Medal of Brand Scientist to only 11 Best Brand Guardians in Pakistan, which has been selected by the management of Brands Award Council.

We are thankful to Almighty Allah that he has given us very big result for our little hard work as well as we are thankful to our corporate  clients because of their trust in Guls we have obtained these achievement in event industry.

Guls Studio is the first Event Management Company in Pakistan which has been awarded Brands of the Year Award by Brand Council in the category of best Event Management and Ambiance Designer in Pakistan.

Guls Studio Events Ambiance Rental Offers Packages:

§  Mall Events

§  Product Launchings

§  Inaugurations Set Design

§  Thematic Events Setup

§  Interior Design Services


Guls Studio Exhibitions Stand Rental Offers Packages:

§  1 time ka Exhibit 1 time ki Cost

§  Guls Triplicate Exhibit Package

§  6 Types of Exhibits

§  Spend 1 time Use 5 times

§  Trigger Three Exhibit Package Deals

§  Kiosk Rental Package

§  Emirates Sixer

§  7 Times Stall Building Exhibition Package


Guls Studio Life Time Free Design Membership:

Guls Studio is No. 1 exhibit designing company of Pakistan with over 15 year experience of industry and we are very proud to serve more than 152 clients from different industries. We are happy to announce our “Corporate Clients Membership Benefits Plan”. This unique program has been designed to provide our regular and new clients a bunch of complementary services including Free Layout Plan, Free 3d Views, Free Estimation and many more, after getting in to our members club you can enjoy these complementary services. After all, this time is won’t cost you anything and you may happen upon a profitable discovery. Looking forward to privilege of serving and awaits your kind reply. You can obtain our membership with Best regards.


Guls Studio Working as a Strategic Partner with you:

Guls Studio is proud to have the honor of a major contributor to every small and large Exhibition in Pakistan. After the Almighty Allah we are thankful to all Exhibition Organizers who trusted and supported us by making their strategic partner, to achieve the position of Guls Studio today enjoys in the market.

Guls Website:

Guls Profile Link:

Guls BTL Activation Division Establish & Work 2005:

There are several mode of engagement coined to provide brand experience directly to target consumers like POME, POHC, ACTIVITIES. Door to Door selling / convincing, road shows like multimedia units, customers relation building shows like arena / malls / flats / mohalla activation, store interception & event management etc.  (School Activity, College Activity, University Activity).


Guls Studio 15000 Sketches Turn into Reality:

Guls Studio has so far given the shape of reality to 15000 sketches. So all corporate and business houses knows we are the “turn sketch into reality” and offer concept design to the valued clients free of charge.

Guls Studio Mall Kiosk Rental Offer Package:

All kiosks are designed to maximize your sales potential and follow mall criteria. Whether you need one customized mall kiosk or a hundred, Guls Studio can design, build, and install them for you.

Using Computer Assisted Design, we'll mass-produce exact replicas of your mall kiosks, or easily implement small variations. We specialize in customized kiosks.

Even if you need large-scale rollouts and simultaneous deliveries, Guls Studio will deliver and install your custom store fixtures anywhere in Pakistan & UAE.

Business owners have been coming to us for decades to build their Jewelry Kiosks, Cell Phone Kiosks, and Food Kiosks. Our clients have included big names such as P&G, United Mobile, LG, Tapal Tea, Tessori Jewelers, LU Biscuits Pakistan, etc; as well as hundreds of ambitious individuals. We install the kiosk for well known Shopping Mall in Pakistan such as Park Tower, Forum, Millennium Mall, Dolman Mall, Hyper Star, Liberty Market, Macro, Metro, etc.  

If you're a first-time buyer, be sure to consult our Checklist, then contact us and we'll lead you get through the process. We'll make sure your mall kiosk satisfies the local government requirements, and all the mall criteria. Not to mention your own.

We’ll work directly with the mall and advise you on different options involving dimensions, materials used, color, and appearance of your mall kiosk.

Guls Studio has over 15 years of experience, and can handle large-scale rollouts and simultaneous deliveries. When you need the highest care and quality, delivered on-time and within your budget, contact us for a free quote.


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Guls Studio News Letters:

Guls Studio Broachers:

Guls Studio Prefabricated Stand:

Guls Studio Custom Fabrication Stand:

Guls Studio Pallet Display & Mobile Float Rental:

Guls Studio Rental & Rental Accessories:

Guls Studio Achievements & Awards:

UAE & Saudi Arabia Stand Building Packages:

Hire Custom Modular Stand Design for Your Upcoming Exhibitions

Get maximum impact without longer term invest with Guls Exhibition Works LLC unique custom modular exhibition stand hire service. Don’t compromise on design; get a unique exhibition stand design that reflects your brand, products and services that takes full advantage of Guls Exhibition Works LLC extensive exhibition stand hire architecture inventory.

Upward of 80% of your stand architectural framework, walling, counters, doors and lighting can be hired at a fraction of the purchase price. This combined with selected bespoke elements and graphics maximize impact rather than budget.

Guls Exhibition Works LLC hire exhibition stands deliver a winning combination of bespoke design and value. Our new hire architecture range added in 2011 brings the latest contemporary look to projects and budgets of all shapes and sizes.

Take advantage of our free exhibition stand design service to see how Guls Exhibition Works LLC hire solutions can make your exhibiting ambitions a reality.


Guls Website UAE:


Guls Profile UAE:

§  Guls Exhibition Works LLC is a prominent name in rapidly growing event industry of UAE. Guls Exhibition Works LLC is well recognized for its expertise in the field of customized exhibit designing and execution services especially the ambiance of the events and the exhibitions.

§  Guls Exhibition Works covers all professional aspects like designing structuring, engineering, carpentering and other services. Additionally the company also offers prefabricated stalls for massive installation in large events. Guls Exhibition Works, without doubt, works on special futuristic projects and considers clients satisfaction of supreme importance.

§  Guls Exhibition Works commands high respect in the market as it is seen as a catalyst in organizing memorable events through a conceptual event management strategy that brings out the event identity and design.

§  The brand assists in making exhibitions and expos a major attraction for the people using its imaginative live promotion tools and creative machines. What distinguishes the brand from others is the extra focus on customer satisfaction coupled with delivery of good quality. Design and plan are properly examined in the right perspective to minimize the margin of error.

§  Creativity is brimming at Guls Exhibition Works churning out refreshing kind of creative and exclusive designs and being responsive to client requirements makes Guls Exhibition Works what it is today.

§  One could imagine long lines snaking around his/her trade show booth, the media clamoring for interviews, and more leads than our trade show lead retrieval system can handle. When it comes to garnering attention, image is everything. A customer can have the best sales team in the world, the most compelling sales literature every designed, and an amazing new product poised to dominate the market.

§  When the trade show exhibit isn’t engaging, drawing the prospects in, most people are going to assume they already know what you have to offer and pass you by. When the prospects walk right by the trade show exhibit without giving it a second look, it’s the same as throwing sales dollars right out the window.

§  Guls Exhibition Works LLC specializes in not just gathering attention, but gathering the right kind of attention. The kind that creates buzz on the trade show floor. The kind that motivates the prospects to stop by the trade show booth. The kind that puts the competition on notice. And most importantly, the kind that show a measurable return on your investment.

Contact Details of Guls Studio & Guls Exhibition Works:


full service exhibit & event management


CEO                                                                                     Pakistan Office                                                                   

Gulzar Mughal                                                                Zaheer Ahmed                                                   

Guls Studio-Pakistan,                                                  Guls Studio-Pakistan                                          

Guls Exhibition Works llc-Dubai                             Mob: +92-321-8255578                                       

Mob: +92-300-8226866 (for SMS only)                  Plot No.B-12, Block 15, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,               

Email:                   Karachi, Pakistan.                                                                            

URL:                                          Email:                             

URL:                                         URL: 


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