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Ecology and economy. Two fundamental characteristics of our line ECOWALL that make it an exhibiting solution perfectly aligned with the demands of the market.

ECOWALL is the solution that helps to reinforce the good reputation of companies since it is probably the only solution on the market that fulfils all three of the environmental Rs: Recycled, Recyclable and Reusable.

ECOWALL is all advantages and it is in all the phases of any event.

  • Price: ECOWALL is possibly the most economical space setting solution on the market for its competitive price.

  • Assembly and disassembly: is measured in minutes rather than in hours or days; without tools or adhesives of any type.

  • Weight and size: its so light and takes up so little space with its simple and efficient design, you could even transport it yourself.

  • Workplace safety: ECOWALL is a material completely safe to handle.

  • Fireproof: ECOWALL receives a treatment to make it even more fireproof than the standards.

  • 100% Printable: ECOWALL allows for printing on its whole surface area.

  • Just in time: the reduced manufacturing, logistics and assembly times make it a versatile solution.

  • Reusable: ECOWALL can be reused for 3-6 years.


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