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Cordova Exhibition Design

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Services of Cordova Exhibition Design

Cordova Design was established in 1980 and is since then active in design, productionAnd delivery of exhibition boots in Israel and abroad. The Company can handle all types ofprojects, including turnkey delivery. Cordova's specialty is the creation and deliveryof image building projects tailored according to the message the client wishes to conveyto his target markets about quality and expertise in his field of activity. Cordova Design's Experience has already been well established in Germany, France, London around EuropePoland, Turkey, U.S.A, Brazil Chine and other countries.

Cordova's choice is:

  • Listening and paying attention "to client's requirements",

  • Personal and reliable service,

  • Creating a specialized "meeting point" for the product image and the target

  • Market, while keeping high quality production and creating a "marketing" experience "in the booth".

  • Our success is based on full cooperation with client.

  • All starts with an introductory meeting to lead to a long-term relationship.

Service Package:

This package includes:

  • Design, production and delivery of exhibition boots in Israel and abroad,

  • Conceptualizing and designing a finished product within client's budget,

Custom Made Turnkey Projects:

  • Design and production of exhibition boots from existing systems and structures,

  • Tailoring such systems + structures to client's requirements,

  • Possibility of "do-it- yourself" construction,

  • Point of Sale merchandising, including "stand" production,

  • Graphic Design,

  • Design of "Show Apartments",

  • Exhibition Halls

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