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I want to say Thank You to neventum team for the awesome work that they have done for us. Only with their help was I able to build a magnificent stand.

C. Brown

Services from brandformula

  • Stand Design
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Exhibitors
  • Stand Set Up
  • Designer Stand

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  • United States
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Brandformula engages and enhance your brand in 4 key ways:With our Consultancy offering, we can provide a comprehensive service to re-evaluate your brand, look at what your brand essence is and suggest strategic ways of moving the brand forward.With our Creative expertise, we can shape your brand by creating or refreshing a brand identity. While brands speak to the mind and heart, brand identity is tangible and appeals to the senses. Brand identity is the visual and verbal expression of a brand.With our Digital capabilities we can make sure your brand engages in every possible way online to extend and enhance your brand presence.Experientially, our Exhibition and Events teams offer a comprehensive service to make sure your brand is maximising its potential to engage in the ‘real world’ with original and memorable ideas.Ultimately, we can do it all – from a fully integrated brand identity programme to the smallest marketing requirement.

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