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I hiaghly recommend Neventum services, I have worked with them a couple of times and they have the capacity to adapt their proposals to the needs you have for each event.

Rob Zand

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We are the English company with base in Czech Republic therefore that its location is in an itself heart Europe. It is advantageous this position to occupy a large circle of influence. With this position, we can offer a big hit for your needs Exhibition show.We can help with the design and print of all your stand requirements if needed, again, from design to applicationMany years experience has taught us that you need to ensure a smooth delivery… we have it covered. Due to our in house style of business where we take care of absolutely everything under one roof, we can speed this process up if needs be.Already have an idea of what you want your stand to look like?Our aim to give you the best value for money possible; a key factor to help us do this is to decide on a budget for your stand from the very start of the design process. This allows us to design your entire stand to fall within budget avoiding any nasty surprises and making your entire exhibition cost effective.

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