CoGEN is a professional meeting that aims to cover the topics of Genetic Disorder, Biology, Genetics, Medical and Health Care. Its conference will cover many controversial issues and inform on the technological advances that are being made within the sector.

CoGEN's goal

The objectives of this meeting are twofold: to enhance the ability to provide genetic counselling to couples interested in using IVF-associated technologies to conceive, and to evaluate embryonic approaches and genetics in order to increase successful implantation and optimize early diagnosis of genetic diseases.

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The exhibition

The exhibition will be held at the Congress venue. Exhibition space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to platinum and gold supporters.

  • Exhibition space will be available at € 350 per sq.m.
  • The minimum booth size is 2x3 sq.m

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Several companies have already sign up for the CoGEN Meeting and exhibition. Join and meet some incredible companies like Cartagenia (a company that supplies diagnostic support software, systems and services to enable genetic labs, pathology labs and clinicians) and PerkinElmer (a global company that supplies instruments, test kits and risk calculation software to screen for pregnancy abnormalities).

Main topics

CoGEN will cover a wide range of interesting and controversial topics, such as:

  • Technical aspects of reproductive genetics (Methods of PGS, PGD, Prenatal)
  • Management of PGS treatment embryo: timing, technology, success and cost effectiveness
  • Chromosomal microarrays (CMA) in Prenatal Diagnosis
  • Prediction of Gamete quality and viability
  • Gene therapy in reproductive medicine
  • Social and legal aspects
  • ... and much more!

It is a great opportunity for you to improve your knowledge while networking with great key-experts from all around the globe! Don't let this pioneering event pass you by!

Raquel Dias

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