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Expo Construcción deconarq, the meeting point for the construction sector in Mexico

Held in Cacún, Expo DECONARQ is a trade fair aimed at companies and experts of the Construction Industry. It is the best Mexican platform to source - and display - new solutions, materials, products and equipment.

So, if you're part of this industry, this trade fair can help you expand your brand and meet new costumers. In order to participate, you just have to book an exhibition space (there are 3 options: 9m2 stand, 18m2+ stand and island type stand, with over 36m2) and find a local builder. Contact us in order to meet an exclusive selection of Stand Contractors in Cancún.

Expo Construccion Deconarq2

Exhibitor Profile

Expo Deconarq attracts exhibitors within the following categories:

  • Skylights, windows, screens and domes
  • Air conditioning
  • Furniture for home and office
  • Decorative items
  • Bathroom furniture, kitchen and equipment
  • Materials, structures and prefabricated building systems
  • Conductors, electrical equipment and fittings
  • Lamps, lights and related accessories
  • Financial services & real estate
  • Pipes, valves, tanks, hydraulic accessories
  • And plenty more...

Deconarq Pasillo2

Why exhibit?

The trade show provides the opportunity for buyers and sellers to interact with each other on the same platform. If you decide to participate in Expo Deconarq you'll be able to:

  • Connect with existing and new or potential buyers;
  • Establish valuable partnerships with other companies;
  • Introduce new products & solutions to an expert public;
  • Observe the booths of your competitors and examining their products;
  • Learn about new techniques, products and solutions;
  • Position your brands and increase awareness;
  • And more...!

Expo Deconarq 2 Design

Visitor Profile

Expo Deconarq Cancún attracts the following type of visitor:

  • Professional: architects, civil engineers, mechanical, electrical & industrial engineers, interior designers, teachers.
  • Business: entrepreneurs, builders, developers, real estate experts, administrators, etc.
  • Hotel managers, hospitality experts.
  • Business owners, regional managers, commercial managers, etc.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet these professional buyers and expand your business - apply today for an exhibition stand at Expo Deconarq in Cancún!



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