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Ferroforma ranks in more than 15,000 hardware professionals

Welcome to Bilbao's Ferroforma International Hardware and DIY Fair. Ranking over 15,000 visitors each year and getting bigger within each edition, its show floor is filled with Europe's main sellers and manufacturers. You are able to see distributors and all sorts of professionals for the industrial supply chain.

Ferroforma Exhibition Stand

This show pretend to join all the key players and experts together in a way to better the future market and its needs. Focused on designing new elements, adding meetings with value and being hands-on with the latest trends. Let us know what are your design needs and we will make sure that your stand is one of the best ones there.

Industry Tools By Ferroforma

Industry Tools By Ferroforma From to

  • BEC Bilbao Exhibition Centre
  • Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao Exhibition Booth Contractors

Bilbao is the one of the most populous metropolitan areas in Spain, making it a great place to want to do business. So many new and exciting things are happening in this city that you should want to be one of the most successful out of all the competition. Participating in trade shows is the best way to get your name out there, and having a lasting impression is the best way to make your name stick. This is only as easy as it sounds when you have a company like us on your team.

Bilbao Exhibition Booth Contractors

Doing Business in Bilbao

The trade show business gets very competitive as every business is trying to surpass their competition to have the most outstanding booth in the show. With our help, you will be connected to the best resources out there so you can have the most successful showing.

We have established relationships with many local contractors and can bring you the best connections in the business. Our first service is to bring you five of the best proposals we can find, free of charge. To save you the time of deciding between all five of the proposals, we will pick the best design that will fit your specific needs and help your business be successful at the exhibition.

Our goal is to help you save the time you would spend setting up your exhibition booth so that you can divert that time back into your business. We want to give you an advantage over your competition and make you a force to be reckoned with. Give us the chance to make your stand the best one in the trade show! Thank you for your time. Make sure to get in contact with us soon.

Venues and Events to Lookout For

Bilbao Exhibition Center is one of the most famous venues of the country. It is multifunctionals and has flexible areas which makes it perfect to host any event.

Bilbao Mini Maker Faire is an event which showcases products in both the Industrial industry and the Gifts and Handicrafts industry.

Expobodas is a leading marital trade show. It features a variety from wedding garment to honeymoon travel plans. This event gives visitors the opportunity to compare prices under the same roof.

Nagusi is an event geared towards services and leisure time for the elders. It showcases traveling and excursion programs.

Classic Retro Bilbao is an event developed to make the automotive industry aware of developmental changes within the industry. It is a great place for businesses to expand and promote their company.

Creamoda is a country-neutral showcase which gives information on tourism and it accommodates both large and small operators.

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