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Baku, Azerbaijan

Kompakt Dizayn LLC

Kompakt Dizayn LLC

Kompakt Dizayn LLC designs, builds and leases any and all types of stands, and offers exhibition equipment and services in Baku,Azerbaijan

Baku, Azerbaijan

Aria Media

Aria Media

Aria Media is a stand construction company with some equipped factories in Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and some other countries. We would...

Baku, Azerbaijan

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Upcoming trade shows in Baku

Here are some of the upcoming trade shows held in Baku where you may need a stand:


  • Del al
  • Singapore, Singapore


  • Del al
  • Baku, Azerbaijan

WorldFood Azerbaijan

  • Del al
  • Baku, Azerbaijan

Exhibiting at Caspian Ecology

Held in Baku, Caspian Ecology is the only event for ecology and environmental protection in the Caspian and Caucasus regions. It covers the following categories:

  • Solid waste
  • Water and waste water
  • Noise, air and soil pollution
  • Sludges
  • Waste gas
  • Green energy
  • Urban environmental
  • Measurement and control techniques
  • Landscape and design
  • Green energy
  • And others...


Are you going to exhibit in this trade show? We collaborate with the best Stand Contractors in Baku! Tell us what kind of structure you have in mind and we'll introduce you to the perfect local designers!
If, however, you are still wondering wether or not you should join Caspian Ecology... Here's why you should definitely do it:

  • Exhibitions like Caspian Ecology represent an excellent opportunity to show that you are trustful partner and it is much more reliable to overcome the crisis with you;
  • Here you'll have the opportunity to study the local market as a whole within the shortest period of time and showcase the benefits of your products and services;
  • Here you'll meet qualified and motivated potential partners and buyers at one place;
  • Here you'll be able to network with top managers and specialists of state agencies, from all around the globe.


Exhibitor List

Here you'll be able to meet many prominent companies, like: Czech Water Alliance, Mavi Deniz Cevre Turkey, Export Centre of Tyumen, Azertac, Biznesinfo, Topol Water, Trend News Agency, Yagmur, Sustainable Development, Mavi Deniz, Socar Polymer, Yagmur, VAPO Czech Republic, WWF Azerbaijan, Zhilstroy LLC Russia, National Geographic Azerbaijan, Ekoil Scientific, Eldan Recycling, GIZ Germany and Hazardous Wastes and plenty others...

Join this incredible trade show and meet potential partners from all around the globe - besides, this is also a great opportunity to get inspired and network with industry peers from different sectors. The whole industry convenes in this fair!

Visitor Profile

Here you'll meet mainly:

  • Directors and departmental heads of energy companies and others
  • Experts in the field of geology, geophysics and meteorology
  • Directors and specialists of fish breeding businesses
  • Directors and departmental heads of factories and large industrial enterprises
  • Producers of food and consumer goods
  • Representatives of agricultural and agro-industrial organisations
  • Experts in the field of ecology
  • Representatives of waste disposal companies
  • Others...

Exhibiting at AFUEXPO

AFU EXPO is Azerbaijan’s urban, landscape and flower exhibition. Organized by the cooperation of Atilim Fairs and ElanExpo, AFU EXPO attracts over 6.800 visitors and 150+ participants from other countries (including Turkey, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Malaysia and France).

  • Planning on exhibiting? If you need a Stand in Baku, let us know! We'll be delighted to introduce you to 5 local contractors.

Afu Expo Baku Stand


AFU Expo covers the following main categories, among others:

  • Plants and Flowers: Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants, Seasonal Ornamental Plants, Potted Ornamental Plants, Cut Flowers, Water Plant, Exotic and Miniature Trees, Green Plants, Lawns and Ground Covers, Bulbs and Saplings, Seedlings and Seeds, Soil, Peat and Perlite, Fertilizers and Nutrition, etc.
  • Decoration Materials: Urban Furniture, Street Lighting, Artificial Lakes, Garden Crafts, Garden Benches, Pots and Baskets, Children Playgrounds, Artificial Flowers, Fowerpots, Ornamental Pools, etc.
  • Overlay Elements: Paving Stone Types, Park Stoppers, Grass Stones, Mosaic Tiles, Ceramics, Tiles, Bricks, Decorative Elements, etc.
  • System, Services and Equipment: Garden-Landscape Design and Architecture, Garden-Landscape Maint, Landscape Gardening & Park Landscaping, Irrigation Systems & Equip, Lighting Systems, Lighting Equipments, Fertilizer and Pesticide Equipment, Green houses, etc.
  • And others..

Afu Expo Stands1

Your benefits!

Being a participant at Azerbaijan AFU EXPO, will create a good opportunity for promoting Flower, Landscape,Urban materials and machinery into region through representatives of reliable wholesaler companies and trade shops. Join this year's edition and...

  • reach thousands of highly-qualified customers
  • find the latest industry trends and developments
  • generate leads that can drive product sales year-round 
  • introduce new products and attract media attention
  • raise your profile and build brand recognition

Caspian Oil & Gas: a meeting place for global industry leaders!

Caspian Oil & Gas is the perfect gateway to the Caspian lucrative energy market: gathering over 400 exhibitors and more than 10.000 professional visitors, this event is the perfect platform to forge new business deals, network, and gain insights into the latest technologies and applications.

  • If you want to present your company in an attractive exhibition booth, contact us! Our team of specialists in trade fairs will be delighted to introduce you to the best Stand Designers in Baku! Tell us all your ideals and we'll find you the perfect contractor!

Caspian Oil Gas1

Product Categories

Caspian Oil & Gas Baku covers the following categories:

  • Reservoir engineering;
  • Geophysics and geology;
  • Construction and exploitation oil and gas wells, platforms and floating rigs;
  • Designing, manufacturing and servicing the equipment for oil and gas industry;
  • Refining and petrochemicals;
  • Hydrocarbons transportation;
  • Building and construction works for the energy sector;
  • Oil and gas storage systems;
  • Chemical industries;
  • Raw materials for chemical industry;
  • Chemical production;
  • And more...

Caspian Oil Gas Halls Categories

Exhibitor List

Caspian Oil & Gas attracts many companies such as: ABB, Azmetco, Caspian Pipe Coatings, Drillmec, Duna-Corradini, Bos Shelf LLC, DMT Maritime Equipment, Interpipe Ukraine, Krohne, General Cable, GAMMA, Miscos Telecom, Hakel Spol, Parlym International, Pentar, Pepperl+Fuchs, Hatti Teknik Analysis, Socar Fugro, Spe Company, Statoil, Portwest, Nobel Oil Services, Statoil ASA and RoskWool.

Caspian Oil Gas Stands 7

Why exhibit?

Exhibitions occupy a special place in the marketing and communications strategy of any company. Join Caspian Oil & Gas, and you'll be able to:

  • Gain insights into the latest technologies and applications;
  • Access to a fairly substantial segment of the market in a short time;
  • Meet potential buyers and generate sales leads;
  • Forge profitable partnerships with prominent companies;
  • Make major oil agreements with foreign oil companies;
  • And more...!

As you can see, Caspian Oil & Gas truly is an unmissable event for every company in the Oil & Gas industry. Apply today for an exhibition stand and expand your business!

TransCaspian Baku: a great platform for demonstrating the latest developments in transport technologies

TransCaspian is Baku's international railway infrastructure, rolling stock, maritime industry, aviation, transport and logistics exhibition. This show represents an unique opportunity to meet leaders and specialists of public transport structures from Azerbaijan and other countries within the region. It is also a great platform for demonstrating the latest developments in transport technologies, learning about promising public infrastructure projects, finding new distribution channels, as well as exchanging experiences.


Join TransCaspian!

If you're part of the transport industry, TransCaspian is an absolute must for you and your company! Apply for an exhibition stand and contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with many Stand Booth Contractors in Baku and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs and budget!

Transcaspian Trade Fair Baku

Exhibition Sectors

TransCaspian covers the following categories:

  • The Rolling Stock and Rail Infrastructure: state railways, locomotives, freight wagons, interiors (seats, driver panels, furniture...), snow removal and track cleansing vehicles, upper railway structures, etc.
  • Marine Industry: sea and river ports, ship equipment, water public transport, radar and navigation systems, marine logistics centres, port security systems, etc.
  • Aviation: airlines companies, aircraft maintenance, air ambulances, equipment for airports, simulation facilities, fuels and lubricants, etc.
  • Commercial Vehicles: haulage trucks, minibuses, medical and sanitary vehicles, lubricants, garages, vans, tires, wheels, municipal vehicles (rubbish trucks, road sweepers...), etc.
  • Transportation and Logistics Services: general cargo, cold chain transportation, express delivery, relocation services, freight forwarding, etc.

Transcaspian Stand

Usual exhibitors include: First Locomotive Company, Matrix, Pacobo, Alstom Transport RUS, Trans Caucasus Terminal, Azer-Turk, Vestaka, Intelligent Transport Management Center, Zitron OOO, E-Mak, Hofmann, Ortana Elektronik Yazilim, Stop Showroom Service, Ultra Computers and Jenoptik Traffic Solutions. Join this exclusive community and find your ideal business partner!

Transcas Baku

Many benefits!

The TransCaspian exhibition is an effective platform for uniting various areas of the transport sector such as railways, marine industry, aviation, commercial vehicles and transportation and logistics services. Join this fair and you'll be able to:

  • Have one-to-one contact with potential clients and suppliers;
  • Establish new contacts with the region's top experts;
  • Generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • Present new products/services/solutions and get direct feedback;
  • Find out (in first hand!) what your competitors are doing;
  • Position your brand;
  • And plenty more...!

RECEXPO, International Real Estate & Investment Exhibition in Azerbaijan

RECEXPO, Azerbaijan's International Real Estate & Investment Exhibition aims to be the region's most important and prestigious gathering for the real estate sector.

If you're in the business, RECEXPO is the ideal platform to showcase your latest properties and related services. In order to exhibit, you just need to book a stand and find a reliable local designer. If you need help with this task, contact our team of experts in trade-shows. They'll introduce you to an exquisite selection of Stand Contractors & Designers in Baku!

Recexpo Baku Exhibition Real Estate

Why exhibit?

Here you'll be able to showcase your projects to local and regional real estate investors and...

  • forge stronger relationships;
  • generate sales leads;
  • position your company and its products/services;
  • identify and meet potential partners;
  • explore the latest industry trends;
  • and plenty more..!


Exhibitor Profile

RECEXPO aims to bring together the best representatives of: Residential & Office & Retail & Industrial & Residance Property, Restaurant/Catering Properties, Logistics Properties, Health & Care Infrastructures, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Businesses, Real Estate Project Developers, Architects, Parking Space Management, Tax Consultants & Auditors, Facility Management Services, Mortgage Banks, Commercial and Saving Banks, Advertising and Human Resources.

If your company's profile fits in this list, then RECEXPO is a mandatory event for you and your team! Apply today for an exhibition stand and get ready to meet many potential clients & partners!

Recexpo Scale Real Estate


RECEXPO will gather: Real Estate Developers, Cities & Regional Authorities,Regional Development and Investment Instutions, Investment Promotion Agencies & Economic Development Authorities, City Promotion Agencies and Authorities, Private Investors, Institutional Investors, Banks & Financial Institutions, Architects & Designers, Urban Planners and other experts.

Caspian Oil & Gas is the gateway to the Caspian energy market

Caspian and Oil trade show is the gateway to the Caspian energy market. Actually, it is the only industry event of its kind in Azerbaijan and therefore, it provides a great amount of networking opportunities. It counts with the collaboration of 402 exhibitors from 29 countries. Add your stand here and if you need help with the design, don't look anywhere else. We will be happy to assist you!

Caspian Oil Gas Exhibition Design

Caspian Oil & Gas Booth Designs

Some exhibition designs built in Baku expocentre, at 21st International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition Incorporating Refining and Petrochemicals. Caspian Oil & Gas Booth Designs

Caspian Oil & Gas Booth Designs 1

Caspian Oil & Gas Booth Designs 2