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IndMachinery, Tanzania's trade show for Industrial Products & Machinery

Expo Indmachinery | Tanzania is a International Trade Exhibition on Industrial Products & Machinery. Attracting exhibitors from around 18+ countries and visitors from 12+ African countries (including : Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Nigeria...), this event is an unmissable gathering for every company that wants to succeed in the African market.

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Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

Who exhibits?

Expo Indmachinery covers the following categories:

  • Machinery & Tools: boring machines, grinders, vibratory machines, gear machinery, tube machinery, tooling, accessories, thread rollers, lathes, shapers, etc.
  • Industrial Products: air compressors, bearings, generators, plasma cutting equipment, flame cutting equipment, boilers, surface treatment, plastic raw materials, tubes, etc.
  • Aluminium & Steel: foundry alloys, aluminium foil, steel line pipes, can shredders, steel tubular piles, steel coil slitting line, stainless steel spray, etc,
  • Warehousing: pallets, trucks, forklifts, shelving and bins, material handling equipment, etc.
  • Chemicals & Coatings: petrochemicals, pharma chemicals, pigments, polymers, etc.
  • Hardware & Tools: fasteners, hoists, diamond saw blades, screw drivers, etc.
  • Foundry: metal melting furnace, metal castings, cast iron, etc.
  • Automation: industrial robotics, industrial electronics, automation software, etc.

Expo Indmachinery Tanzania Daressalam


Expo Indmachinery attracts many local & international companies, like: Modico Africa, Lasheen Plast, Gulf Rope, Babolna Tetra, Dadvet, Yalong Paper Products, DCM Company, FH Spares, Top Gloves SDN, Shanghai Purpale Magna Machinery, IGT Testing Systems, D & H Secheron Electrodes PVT and Evergreen Chemicals.

Indmachinery Stands Halls


Expo Indmachinery Tanzania provides an unique opportunity for you to expand your business! Join this fair and...

  • Reach thousands of potential customers;
  • Generate leads that can drive product sales year-round; 
  • Introduce new products and services and get feedback;
  • Establish new business ties with prominent companies;
  • Raise your profile and build brand recognition;
  • And plenty more...!
Expo Indmachinery | Tanzania

Expo Indmachinery | Tanzania From to

Pharmac India - International exhibition for Pharma machinery, equipment & technology

Pharmac India, held in Ahmadabad, is an International Pharma Machinery, Equipment, Bulk Drugs, API, Pharma Lab, Pharma Pack & Material Exhibition. It has successfully brought together manufacturers and buyers on a common platform and contributed substantially towards the growth of the industry.


If you're part of the pharma industry, don't let this event pass you by! In order to stand out from your competitors, contact our team of experts in trade shows. We collaborate with many Stand Booth Contractors in Ahmedabad and we can easily find the one that best fits your needs and budget!

Pharmac India


Here you'll find the following categories:

  • Pharmaceutical Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical Formulation
  • Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs, Veterinary Drugs and Additives
  • Pharmaceutical Printing, Packaging, Lab Materials & Machinery
  • Pharma Ancillary & Utility Services
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Refrigeration
  • Clean Room Technologies
  • R&D Instruments & Equipment
  • Water management, Treatment, Disposal and Management
  • Environment Control Equipment, Pollution Control & Services
  • Analytical Laboratory Supplies
  • Excipients, Food Additives, Natural Extracts
  • And plenty more!



Last edition, Pharmac India gathered more than 130+ exhibitors from many different countries. Join this exquisite community and...

  • present your product range to the entire world and get direct feedback;
  • meet the most important national buyers and decision-makers;
  • generate sales leads and build relationships with prospects;
  • keep up on the latest trends and developments;
  • position your company and increase awareness;
  • and plenty more!
Pharmac India

Pharmac India From to

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